3 Retro Video Games Lunch Ideas for Kids

Kids love video games. We discovered the latest trends of video games lunchbox ideas on Teuko.com, as moms and dads of our lunchbox community packed lunches with Minecraft characters, Super Mario, Sonic, Pac-man, and Pokemon.

One reason why video games are a pretty popular theme among lunchbox packers is simply because it brings sweet memories for the parents who pack bento lunch boxes for their kids. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, they were kids themselves and could play cool games on Ataris or Nintendo Game Boys.

Atari 1040ST and Nintendo Game Boy

Here is a list of 3 retro video games that we rediscovered thanks to the creativity of the Teuko community. In this list, you’ll find also equivalent games that are available on plays.org, a cool site that offers well over 100 free browser-based online video games. It may be fun to play these games with your kiddos! 🙂

1. Tetris

Kids lunch idea with theme video game Tetris shared on Teuko.com the lunchbox community for moms and dads who pack lunch for their kids.

One day, as I was scrolling through the video game category on Teuko.com and I was in awe at the Oh.my.Bento’s lunch, my kids asked: 
“What’s this puzzle doing in the category?” 

I was so surprised and answered them:

“What are you talking about? It’s Tetris! Don’t you know about Tetris?”

With different geometric forms that descend from the top of the screen, you need to create complete horizontal lines in order to free the screen, gain points, and keep on playing. With Tetris, it’s simple as that! It brings simple fun… and, maybe (it’s what it is said), it helps also made the brain be more efficient! Let your kiddos try it and compete with them!

Equivalent game on plays.org: Super Tetris

2. Bubble Bobble.

Kids bento lunchbox shared on Teuko.com the online community for moms and dads who pack lunch for the kids. A cute green dinosaur and watermelon bubbles.

The lunchbox packed by bentofor_orion, with a cute green dinosaur made out of rice and veggies, and with a side of watermelon bubbles, revived the sweet memory of this very cool retro video game, Bubble Bobble!

In this game, with your cute dinosaur, you make bubbles for capturing robots and magicians. Once the robots and magicians are captured, you burst the bubbles. Meanwhile, you also try to take the most fruits and other items as possible for gaining the maximum points. Hours of fun guaranteed!

Equivalent game on plays.org: Dino Bubbles

3. Pac-Man

Bento lunch box for kids shared on Teuko.com the lunchbox community. Pac-man video game.

Coming straight from Japan, this bento lunchbox idea shared by Takupapa on Teuko.com, with a cute ghost and few dots made out of ham, tomato, and carrot, makes us willing to play to Pac-Man once again!

In a maze, Pac-Man must eat all the dots while avoiding the ghosts! It’s simple and fun as that!

Equivalent game on plays.org: Pac Rat

Have you spotted a lunchbox idea on Teuko.com that reminded you of a cool retro video game too? What games were you playing in the 80s and 90s?
If you pack lunch for your kids, don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase your video games lunchbox ideas on Teuko.com! Sign up free!

Disclaimer: This blog post is part of a sponsored collab. This helps Teuko.com remain free! Any feedback? Email us at contact@teuko.com


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