Best Video Games Lunchbox Ideas

Some lunch boxes shared by the moms and dads of our Teuko community have very fun themes. One recurring theme that kids obviously love: video games! This extra feature in our kids’ lunch boxes helps bring joy at lunchtime. It can help celebrate birthdays, make the release of a new video game edition special, or simply bring fun in your kids’ lunchbox.

Is your kid into video games? Make it a special surprise by packing a lunchbox with his/her favorite video game character. For a complete surprise, if the retail game store in your neighborhood is closed because of the restrictions put in place by your county for fighting against Covid-19, check out and look for the newest releases and deals. One additional tip we have for you is that you can get very cool coupons and promo codes on Slickdeals – don’t miss out!

Now, *drumroll*, discover the best video games lunchbox ideas that our community of lunchbox packers shared on Teuko!

5 ex aequo – Fortnite & Minecraft

One of our Teuko kids loves playing at Legos and Minecraft was such a fantastic online video game for him since he could enjoy creating, with this specific bricks design, his own world and have a menagerie of virtual animals. Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has amassed 126 million active players worldwide. With different playing modes (creative mode, adventure mode, or survival mode), it’s not a surprise that this video game could be part of this top list of the best video games featured in the lunch boxes packed by the Teuko families for their kids!
But the funny thing is that Fortnite, another very famous online game these days, receive, at the same level, the enthusiasm and love by our Teuko Families too!

4th place – Sonic

Silkes made a very cool Sonic sandwich by cutting the edges of the sliced bread and then by using food edible coloring pens.

Sonic was a famous Sega Mega Drive video game character in the 90s, and 30 years later, it seems that it’s still loved by the younger generations!
You can easily make a Sonic sandwich by using a cookie cutter. Then, if you want to add some colors, use food edible pens only (they’re made for that purpose)!

3rd place – Pac-Man

The easy way Making Lunches Fun used to make a cool Pacman themed lunchbox for her kid is to put a round shaped sandwich and 3 pieces of bell peppers shaped as ghosts – pretty cool, right?!
Takupapa is mastering Japanese bentos but look how easy is to create a Pacman lunch! A sliced carrot, a piece of red bell pepper, few rounded dots of ham and seaweed, and it’s done!

Pac-Man is a classic arcade game from the 80s (it’s like we’re going back in time 🙂 ). Kids could see the character in the first Wreck it Ralf movie (at the Fix-It Felix’s party scene). The latest releases of the game were in 2016-2017Its simplicity and the fun it provides made it an unmissable video game that deserved this 3d place in our list of the best video game lunch boxes!

2nd place – Pokemon

Pokemon was famous in the 90s and knew a super renaissance very recently thanks to Pokemon Go. Kids can collect the various Pokemon in their Pokedex, having fun trading cards or playing one of the Pokemon video games! Have a look on Teuko, because we also spotted Bulbasaur, Fennekin, Kadabra, Psyduck, and many more Pokemon! Gotta Catch ‘Em All! 🙂

And the winner is…

1st place – Super Mario

The undeniable winner among the families who pack video games lunch boxes in our Teuko community is Super Mario! We could discover different amazing lunches with Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, and more characters from the famous Nintendo video game!

One thing sure is that there is a fierce competition between the video games of the 80s and the 90s, like Super Mario, Pac-man, or Sonic. They literally took the first places of this best-of list. One undeniable advantage they have is that they are well-known not only by the kids, but also by the parents who were kids a few years ago. This helps them share video games love and fun… even in the lunchbox!

What do you think? Will the newest released online games, like Minecraft and Fortnite, reach the top of these video games lunchbox ideas soon? What are your kid’s preferred video games? Share with us in the comments!
Discover all the video games lunchbox ideas on and don’t forget to upload your own lunchbox ideas!

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