Meet Midori, the artist behind @TheOrganicFrenchMom Kids’ Lunches

Meet Midori, @TheOrganicFrenchMom. Midori is a French mom living in Quebec, Canada, with her family. She is packing lunches everyday for her 6 year old girl, Aylee. Midori is an artist and she is using her creativity in her recipes and lunchboxes to show everyone that it doesn’t have to be complicated, nor take much time to prepare a beautiful meal. Welcome to the community Midori!

The Organic French Mom Profile on Teuko, the lunchbox community
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All about her lunchbox routine

Midori is packing her lunch boxes in the morning before school. She wakes up 30 min before her daughter, and just goes with the flow in the morning. Mornings are when she gets the most creative. Leftovers are welcome and she always has an insulated Thermos ready for them.

I love to share my creative ideas with everyone on and see there what others do by searching by food , theme, or category.

What is her secret to make it easy and more fun? Cookie and vegetable cutters are a must-have! Bento boxes and accessories like food picks help a lot also. Silicone molds are a must. Here are below 3 of her favorite accessories. View more by visiting her profile on Teuko.

Kiddyplanet Cute Bento Box
Sistema Bento Lunchbox
Silicon Molds

Best lunchbox hacks

If the first step towards a better lunch packing experience is getting at hand the right accessories, Midori has also a lot of healthy recipes and tips to share!

Favorite Lunch Idea so Far

3 reasons why you should join her on Teuko

1- Teuko is a great way to share your ideas to the world, see what others do and get inspired by the way they use any specific food.

2- A great way to plan your lunch boxes during the week and get creative.

3- A search tool that allows you to search by food and categories.

Are you ready to transform your lunchbox experience? Join Midori today. Create your free account on and get weekly ideas and tips from our amazing community around the world!

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