How To Make Spider Deviled Eggs

Creepy-crawly deviled eggs are a must-have at the Halloween table. They are so easy to make, that we had to find a recipe for you. Meet Elizabeth, @lizlowcarblife. This Californian mom of 2 just shared one of her favorite and very easy Halloween recipes!
Spider Deviled Eggs Easy Recipe by @lizlowcarblife

What You Need


1- Eggs-hard boiled.
2- Mayonnaise.
3- Yellow mustard.
4- Pickles.
5- Black olives (3 per egg).
6- Paprika to sprinkle on top.

Accessory you need- Pipping Bags. It makes it so much easier to fill the eggs.


A 3-steps recipe so easy to make:

1- Hard boil the eggs.
Tip: place them in an iced bath for about 10 mins to make them easy to peel.

2. Mixed up the yolks with the mayonnaise and the yellow mustard.
Tip: I place a pickle in the bottom of each egg to give it some crunch too.

3. Make the spiders – each 1/2 of the egg has 1.5 olives.

Presentation Tip: I add a little nickel-sized dot of the yolk mix to sort of ‘glue’ the eggs to the plate to prevent them from crawling all over the platter, and inevitably onto the floor 🕷.

Spider Deviled Eggs | Easy Tutorial by @lizlowcarblife

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