Halloween Kids’ Lunch Boxes with Jack-O’-Lanterns

How to pack easily Jack-o’-lanterns in your kids’ lunch boxes for helping them celebrate Halloween everyday at lunchtime? Discover what our community has shared with us! Have fun! Happy Halloween!

Jack-O’-Lantern Mandarin

Draw two eyes, a nose, and a smile with a black edible markers on a mandarin or a clementine… and voilĂ ! Easy, right?

Jack-O’-Lantern Muffin

Call them muffins or waffles… these Jack-O’-Lanterns are simply delicious and cooked in batch!

Jack-O’-Lantern Sandwiches & Quesadillas

Use a cookie cutter with the shape of a pumpkin and you’ll get “the back of a Jack’-O’-Lantern” (said our Teuko kids! 🙂 ). You can draw the Jack-O’-Lantern’s face with the help of a black edible marker or with the tip of a knife.

Jack-O’-Lanterns with Carved Veggies

Sweet potatoes, carrots, and bell peppers make fantastic Jack-O’-Lanterns once you carve the eyes, nose, and mouth!

Jack-O’-Lantern Pumpkin & Seaweed

Steam or boil your pumpkin. Shape a piece as an oval. Add two eyes and a mouth with seaweed. Done! And you can create other monsters obviously with rice balls and seaweed!

Jack-O’-Lantern Accessories

The easiest way to bring a touch of fun in a lunchbox! Stickers, food picks, napkins… you have the choice!

How do you like these lunchbox tips? Any other favorite hack that you would like to share with our community? Let us know in a comment or by uploading a photo on Teuko.com!

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