Tags 2.0 For Themed Lunch Ideas

The idea behind Teuko is to make sure that you find inspiration whatever your style, your culinary preference, or your mood is. So far, the food tags have been a great tool to retrieve ideas depending on the ingredients you wanted. Today we’re expanding the tags and the search possibilities with a new feature that will unleash Teuko’s massive lunch creativity power. Welcome Themed Tags!

Sample of Categories Powered by Food Tags and Themed Tags on Teuko.com

Meet our newest Theme Tags

Similar to the Food Tags, we curated the Theme Tags with you in mind, so that it will become easier than ever to find the specific lunch ideas you’re looking for. So far, we’ve added to Teuko +500 theme tags, grouped in the following ‘Theme Families”. These Theme Tags will bring more visibility to your ideas and encourage a wider range of subjects and styles!


Are you vegetarian? Or maybe you follow the Mediterranean diet? Or you may have to pack a gluten-free lunch? Main diets are now ready to be tagged.

Seasonal Events

It’s sunny out there and you want a “Summer” lunchbox idea? From Star Wars day to Super Bowl, without forgetting Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Winter, … every event in your life is a reason to celebrate and to be recorded!


Food makes us travel. Do you cook French cuisine? Or are you in the mood to discover Peruvian cuisine? The diversity of our community that grows bigger each day will allow you to virtually escape during lunchtime!

Types of Meals

Most of us prepare a bento for lunch but it happens to pack a bento for breakfast or even for dinner! Sometimes you prepare a hot lunch, sometimes a cold lunch. Sometimes you want to show us a super cool side dish, sometimes it’s a full course meal! The new tags will help you specify.

Cooking Techniques

Did you steam, broil, sauté, or boil your potatoes? Sharing your cooking techniques is like a behind-the-scene, it helps the community understand better how you created your lunch, and that motivates us to try new cooking styles!

Kid-Friendly Themes

Is your child fond of unicorns? Or maybe dinosaurs will bring joy in the lunchbox instead? All these kid-friendly ideas will help you bring more fun and even picky eaters won’t resist eating their lunches!

Movies, Cartoons, Books

We’re in awe when we see lunch boxes with cartoon or movie characters and sometimes, for special occasions, we would love to do the same! So now, with the Theme Tags, it will be easier to retrieve different lunch ideas with Super Mario, Hello Kitty, or Mickey Mouse!

Submit directly to a Theme

Over the next few weeks and months we’ll make sure to make the most of these themed tags, starting with updating the Search tool so that you finally get the chance to use all the themed in your searches.

For now we invite you to submit every lunch idea uploaded to the specific Theme of your choice if any. This will increase the chances to retrieve the idea faster when searching inspiration later on. So, when ever you packed a special lunch, don’t forget to add the specific Themed Tag.

Themed Tags on Teuko.com

Any questions or request for a theme you need? If you’re excited to join the fun and become our guest curator, or if you just want to share your questions or ideas, contact us! We’ll be very happy to be in touch with you!


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