5 Ways to Manage Sugar Consumption

If sugar-related illnesses are on the rise, we, as parents have easy levers at hand to help our kids reduce their sugar intake without removing all the fun about treats. After one month trying consciously to reduce the amount of refined sugars from her plate, Karina, Health Coach For Moms, experienced improved complexion, more energy, true hunger, less snacking. Today, she is sharing creative tips to help us control the sugar intake of our children when sugar is almost everywhere.

#1 Reduce

In most recipes, you can reduce the amount of sugar by 1/4 cup without noticing a large difference in taste or texture⁣. Try it out!

Teuko tip – Learn more about the children’s nutrients intake recommendations from the experts from the French Agency for Food, Environmental, and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES).

⁣#2 Use Spices

Using spices like cinnamon and cardamom can add flavor without extra sugar⁣.

#3 Get Creative With Fruits

Turning fruits into fun frozen treats is a great option to satisfy that sweet craving. Fun ideas to play with fruits: ⁣
🍇 frozen grapes⁣,
🍌 banana ice cream⁣,
🍑 mango soft serve⁣,
🍉 watermelon popsicles⁣.

#4 𝐃o-It-Yourself

Purchase unsweetened yogurts and plant-based milk when possible. You can sweeten it yourself with fresh fruits or drizzle it with your desired sweetener. If you are used to buying sweetened yogurts, start with mixing half of it with plain yogurt.⁣

Teuko tip: Check out our recipe to make your own Parfait dessert.

#5 Read Labels

Reading labels is so important to spot sugar in products you just wouldn’t expect them in (salad dressings, pasta sauces, crackers). Sometimes simply by switching the brand you can get the same product with a much lower amount of sugar.⁣

Teuko tip: See more tips on how to read the ingredients labels for healthy grocery shopping.

Ready to keep an eye on the sugar consumption in your family? Share your experience with us or any other tip that is helping you better control the sugar consumption in your family. Submit your ideas by email or join the conversation on our Facebook group today.

About the Expert – Karina is a Health Coach who helps parents simplify feeding their families healthy, unprocessed food.  She aims at giving families the tools necessary to transform meal times, so children can grow up with a positive and healthy relationship with food. Visit her Instagram profile for more informations.


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