How Katie Runs Food Experiments In Her Kid’s Lunchbox

Behind Ohwhatyum creative lunches is Katie, a mom of two boys who lives in Boise, Idaho. She is packing lunch every day for her 1st garder, and makes it an opportunity to try out new foods and new methods of preparation. Welcome creativity!

A Weekly Routine

I like to create weekly lunch and dinner menus with a lot of the lunch items overlapping with dinner/snacks.

I try to limit grocery shopping to once a week, even if it doesn’t work out every time. I buy a ton of produce that I can mix and match and display in multiple ways to keep the lunches looking fresh and creative. Being careful not to waste, I usually end up eating all the fruit and veggie scrapes as part of my lunch.

My preparation includes making a couple of batches of pumpkin or banana chocolate chip muffins at the beginning of the week for easy lunch add ons and snacks. My go to recipes comes from

TIP – The key ingredient for me is to make all lunches the day before. It makes mornings a lot easier for everyone to get ready and maybe squeeze in a hot breakfast and smoothies.

Getting inspired with Teuko

I love being able to scroll through Teuko if I’m looking for a particular lunch style inspiration like vegetarian lunch or colorful lunch. There are so many talented and creative lunch makers and Teuko makes it so fun to swap ideas!

Best Lunchbox Hack

Having fun accessories is essential to make my kids excited about eating instead of running outside for recess.

My go to lunch making hack is to put a face with eyeballs on any meal. If I get stumped trying to come up with a lunch or some creative theme or short on time, I just fill the lunch with color and eyeballs!

My must haves counts: food pick eyeballs and the glasses, animal and fruit food picks, leaf picks, silicone cupcake liners, sandwich cutters, cookie cutters and sprinkles.

Note from Teuko – find them all in the Boutique!

Favorite Lunchbox Idea

So far , my son Graham’s favorite lunch is a lunch with candy but I think he really enjoyed the green martians vs. veggie lunch. I made a pattern of one of his drawings and cut it out as a spinach tortilla. These lunches are a labor of love but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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