7 Easy Valentine’s Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

Sending homemade lunches to school is an efficient way to show every day an amazing amount of love to your kids. Valentine’s Day makes it an opportunity to pack a little extra love. Need inspiration? Enjoy these 7 easy tips to make it fast and easy to pack a valentine’s lunchbox. Don’t miss all the amazing creations from our Teuko community!

We’ve been amazed by all the valentine’s lunchbox ideas that we found on Teuko. They inspired us 7 creative and affordable ways to pack fun valentine’s day lunch for kids the easy way! All you need, is to get the right Valentine’s lunchbox accessories:

Best Valentine’s Lunchbox Accessories

Food Picks

These very cute glittery hearts and stars will easily add a magical touch in your Valentine’s lunchbox!
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Make mini skewers of strawberries or tomatoes with these food picks, and tada! your Valentine’s Day lunchbox is ready!
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Colorful and eco-friendly, these heart bamboo sticks are a great addition in a Valentine’s Day lunchbox!
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These heart food picks are like very cute mini forks that will perfectly pair with heart shaped strawberries!
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Silicon Baking Cups

These heart shaped silicon baking cup will bring a vibrant touch to your Valentine’s Day lunchbox!
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Food Cutters

No knife skill needed! Your strawberries will look lovely thanks to this very cool heart shape cutter!
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A cookie cutter set that will help you get hearts any size in your Valentine’s Day Lunchbox!
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L.O.V.E. sandwiches or pancakes is an explicit way to show that you care!
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These mini alphabet cutters will help you cut love messages out of fruits and vegetables too!
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For the Treats

A great way to say “I Love You” not only for the Valentine’s Day Lunch, but any day, morning, or even lunch or dinner (think of a waffle with smocked salmon and cream… yum!)!
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A little heart shaped chocolate pairs very well with pear, mandarin, or even… heart shaped strawberries!
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Red Foods

An easy way to get more red in your lunchbox!
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These yummy fruits will help you bring some love in the lunchbox! Make them heart shaped easily, with your knife skills or with a cutter (see section above), and it’s done!
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Not only the bell pepper, sliced, diced, or even heart shaped, will bring a bright red color in your Valentine’s Day lunch, but it will add extra Vitamin C! A good idea to say “I love you! Stay Healthy!” 😉
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Tasty, juicy, and red… the Pink Lady apple will bring some love in your Valentine’s Day Lunchbox! (and as for the bell peppers, it may help your love one remain healthy as “one apple a day keeps the doctor away” 😉 )
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Raspberries are like edible ruby gemstones!
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It takes only 1 minute to carve a heart in the Babybel with the tip of a knife!
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Lunchbox Notes

A motivational quote will make your Valentine’s Day awesome!
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Special Valentine’s Day cards in the lunchbox is a great way too for expressing your love!
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Easy Knife Skills

A paring knife will help you shape hearts
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Follow MakingLunchesFun on Teuko, she is so inspiring! We love her video tutorial where she shows how she makes a beautiful rose out of a strawberry!

Valentine’s Lunchbox Ideas on Teuko

This slideshow below is a small sample of all the Valentine’s Day lunch boxes ideas that have been shared by our community worldwide. Connect to Teuko (signup free!) and have a look to the entire collection: you will find ideas that will inspire you, no doubt!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We look forward to discovering your Valentine’s Day lunch boxes! Show us what you do by uploading a photo on Teuko.com. If you want to make a little gift for this special day, check our Amazon’s Best Under $10 Lunchbox Gift Guide!

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