Top 10 Foods That Kids Love In Their Lunchbox

We’re from San Francisco, Mumbai, Vancouver, Düsseldorf… and we have something in common: we pack lunch every day for our kids. While the task may feel annoying sometimes, we put lots of love in each prepared meal, with real foods. Let’s review together the 10 foods most popular in our kids’ lunch boxes this year!

10 – Raspberries

They’re so fragile but so cute and appealing! No wonder that the raspberries entered the top 10 of the foods that were used the most in our kids’ lunch boxes in 2019!

9 – Grapes

Another fruit in the top 10 of the foods that our kids love for their lunch: grapes! Packed with nutrients and high in antioxydant, grapes are the allies of our little ones all over the world!

8 – Cream Cheese

It adds some softness in a sandwich or simply helps in designing a fun character in the lunchbox: cream cheese was the dairy that made it into the top 10 this year!

7 – Cucumber

With its crunchiness, it helps our kids brings extra water in their little bodies, and, despite their green color, the cucumber is flourishing in the kids’ lunches!

6 – Tomatoes

They’re not the queens of the lunchbox anymore but still a yummy and friendly food! Tomatoes bring a cheerful note, a message of love in our kids’ lunchbox.

5 – Strawberries

Diced, sliced, puréed, strawberries are so colorful and cheerful that they surely delight our little ones at lunch time! But if they’re in the fifth position, would there be any other fruit that would delight even more our kids?

4 – Carrots

One of the first foods we introduce to our kids in their early life, carrots are now appreciated in various ways!

3 – Apple

Sweet or sour, green or red, apples are the first foods to enter the podium! Enjoy all the creativity put into these lunch boxes packed across the world!

2 – Blueberries

They pop in the mouth, bring vitamins for a day packed with lessons, sports and laughs, and they are the fruits most loved by our children! Blueberries were a must-have in 2019!

1 – Bread

Most of the time used for making a yummy sandwich, bread was the winning food item, the top 1 in our kids’ lunch boxes in 2019! Sliced, flat, or with the texture of a brioche, it was definitely a must!

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