How to get picky eaters to eat better with Teuko

If you feel like you are giving up on getting your kid to try new foods, read this story! Victoria went through the same frustrating journey, but today she is done with fighting over what food to put in the lunchbox. She is now a proud mom packing nutritious and creative lunches for a curious 7 yo girl.

It all started with one of these conversations you must be familiar to: the daily struggle of a mom fighting to get her child to eat the food she is packing for lunch at school. When Victoria discovered Teuko, she immediately put this tool into her daughter’s hand in order to show her how much variety we could find in other kids’ lunches. Teuko changed her lunchbox experience by transforming her daughter’s relation to food, the tone of her own interactions about food with her daughter, improving both the lunchtime and the dinnertime experience in their family.

Teuko makes it easier to involve kids in the lunch packing routine.

Teuko has been a very smart and efficient way for us to involve my daughter in her food choices.

The access to visual inspiration of kid-approved lunches, and detailed information on which foods are used, seduced both the mom and the daughter.

Today, Victoria is done with debates about which food to pack for lunch. Thanks to Teuko, her 7 yo is the one looking for ideas from other families. She is also the one selecting the foods that she would be ready to try. 

Grocery shopping has become an easy task as the decision on the food needed as been made in advance. Even better, cute lunches on Teuko inspired Victoria’s daughter to get involved in the preparation of food items such as cutting fruits and veggies in funny shapes.

Teuko makes my kid excited about trying new foods.

Being able to explore ideas of what other kids were eating all over the world made my daughter curious and mode open to try new things.

Using Teuko, Victoria’s daughter became open to try new things. We will never say it enough, kids eat with their eyes. And Teuko allows perfectly to SEE what other kids are eating, as well as to SEE what a food item can look like into a lunchbox, with a variety of textures and combinations to choose from.

Today I am not the one challenging my daughter on trying new foods, she is the one challenging myself to try new recipes and pack new food items every week. It keeps me creative and motivated as I like to see my daughter trying and enjoying more foods. She is also proud to be able to share her lunchbox ideas with kids all over the world! This keeps her very excited!

Fun fact – Hot lunches from school used to be a reward for good behavior over homemade lunchbox ideas. Today, my daughter wouldn’t trade her homemade lunch boxes for a hot lunch!

Victoria’s Favorite Accessories

The Heart Strawberry Cutter has been a hit.

My daughter loves to use it herself to prepare her own food items! Cute lunches make it more appealing to her so my mission for the next months is to get more picks and accessories to make it easy for her to prepare her own food, and more fun!

The Yumbox lunchbox container is also a favorite in Victoria’s family because it keeps the food items separated. 

Are you ready to transform your lunchbox experience? Create your free account on and get free lunchbox ideas from the Teuko community!


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