Themed Lunch Boxes by Silke

Silke lives in Düsseldorf in Germany. She started preparing lunch boxes in September 2018 when her 3 years-old daughter started Kindergarten. Since she joined Teuko, Silke has been sharing endless inspiration with us every day through wonderful themed lunch boxes, spreading joy and happiness!

Lunches spreading happiness

Healthy nutrition is very important in our family. My husband and I lived in Japan for a couple of months in 2000-2001, and I’ve been looking forward to creating bento boxes for my child since then. Themed lunches are a fantastic opportunity to communicate to my daughter a way of life, that I want colorful and joyful! I like the idea that she gets excited to open her bento every morning to see what’s inside. We all love to eat and I am inspired by National Holidays, stuff our daughter loves (like Paw Patrol), which makes packing bentos daily easier.

Lunch packing tips

I pack lunch every morning but I am planning the theme of the lunchbox every evening. My daughter often makes wishes for a theme. Then, I am preparing all the stuff I will need, like bento box, food picks, and knives in the evening, so that I can start directly in the morning. My husband and I are both working full time. So I start to prepare around 6.30 am every day.

I use Teuko to track my bento boxes every day and to look for inspiration. I love the calendar option that enables to look back at all your lunches from the previous weeks, making it so easy and so clear!

Silke’s Profile on Teuko.

Favorite Lunchbox Idea

Silke’s daughter favorite lunchbox idea so far.

Want more? Learn how to make creative apples for your kids, a tutorial made by Silkes for you!

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