5 Easy Lunchbox Pranks For April Fools’ Day

On April Fools’ Day, it’s a tradition to pull a prank on someone. If you’re packing lunch on that day, it can be fun to prank your little ones, or at least to try to snatch a smile. How to make it simple, fast, and fun? We all are running out of time, so our Teuko Team just gathered simple pranks with food and drinks that don’t require much other than what you already have at hand.

1- Fake Food

Almost every kid’s room counts a set of fake food or fake kitchen accessories. If you have this kind of accessory at home, you can easily borrow a piece and include a plush or toy food that your kid will recognize!

By the way, do you have some yarn? Create fabulous crochet dishcloth patterns that will always add glitter to your kid’s lunch (box) – follow the guide from our friend at Knittingx.com

2- Swap Food or Drinks

Empty a chips bag from the bottom and fill it up with some dried fruits or any other healthy option like raw carrots. Another simple swap is to replace the tap water by sparkling water or any juice you like. Last year swapping chocolate eggs with green grapes has been very popular. If you don’t have chocolate eggs, simply wrap your grapes! What other food swap can you think of?

Ramen notes
Prep a miso soup in your kid’s insulated jar and place this Ramen Notes package on the side!
Fake cans of potato chips and popcorns perfect for April Fools' day
With these fake chips cans and popcorn cans, a huge fake snake soars out of the cans!

3- Buggy Lunch

Look into props leftovers from Halloween. You will certainly find a few plastic bugs or spiders to sneak into the kids’ lunch bags. Imagine your child’s reaction when opening the lunchbox!

This set of bugs, spiders, and snakes was one of the most disgusting things we could see!

4- Googly Lunch

Googly eyes are always a perfect addition to a lunchtime surprise. Shop plastic eyes, edible ones, or make your own with bread, cheese, black olives, or simple eye-style food picks...

5- Lunchbox Notes

Last but not least, the customized lunchbox note will always work for parents in a rush willing though to make sure they don’t let that day be ignored. If you don’t feel creative, get fun lunchbox notes jokes online!

What you’ve been sharing with us…

Congratulations on all the fun and creative ideas shared on Teuko.com and with #teuko on social media! You are an amazing lunchbox community!

Can you think about any other lunchbox prank that would be kid-friendly? Feel free to comment below. Also, don’t forget to show us what your lunchbox prank looks like by uploading a pic on Teuko.com

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