Packing Lunch For a Pre-Teen

Fleur is a French working mom living in the Los Angeles area. She is packing lunch for her 12 year-old son and for herself. Packing two adult-size lunches every day requires organization and commitment. Fleur told us how she has been making it work for 3 years now!

It’s all about the food pattern

I pack lunch every day when getting back from work, right before diner. I pack both lunches at the same time and make small adjustments if one of us doesn’t like an ingredient. I pack exclusively cold lunches as they have no heating option at school.

For a smoother packing routine I stick to a basic framework.

Standard Food Pattern Used by Fleur to Pack Lunch Every Day

Then, I make sure to rotate the ingredients, ie. different sort of breads, cheeses, seeds… On special occasions, I may pack a more fancy lunch, or use rice/maki instead of bread.

It’s an effort to pack lunch everyday but I feel it’s worth it if we want to eat healthy and simple food.

How Teuko helps her stay inspired

I like to browse the ideas from the community to get new ways to accommodate the ingredients I use the most. Teuko also helps me keep a useful record of some of the fancy lunches I make, or those that I feel are easy to reuse.

Fleur’s Favorites

Want to know what accessories are making it easier for Fleur everyday? Don’t forget to check her Profile on Teuko to consult her Favorites Accessories. Fleur also likes to use Pottery Barn bag, wax sandwich wrap and random small containers for fruits.

Favorite Lunchbox Idea so far. Visit Fleur’s Profile to see more ideas.

Are you ready to transform your lunchbox experience? Create your free account on and start tracking your lunchbox ideas today!


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