What Kids Really Want To Eat

As part of its effort to inspire kids to make healthier food choices, a private school from the Bay Area, the Lycée Français de San Francisco (LFSF), organized “The Week of Taste” event for its elementary students. Workshops were brought to life by the two co-founders of Kids At The Table, Virginie and Perrine, whose mission is to teach kids how to choose, prepare, and share healthy meals. Teuko has been very proud to join this foodie event, enabling the families retrieve in one place all the menus created by their kids. 

The Week of Taste at LFSF

Every year, the LFSF is dedicating one week to cooking and healthy eating education. This year, they extended the initiative to 2 weeks so they could offer the workshops from Kids at the Table that teach how food affects us, what we can do to make healthy food choices at every age, and a hands on recipe.

During the first week, students from Kindergarten to 5th grade learned about the digestive system, food groups, portions, and how to make a balanced meal. In week 2, each child prepared a healthy snack to their taste, trying herbs and seeds as toppings.

A Week of Lunchbox Ideas

One of the very fun part of the workshop was the opportunity given to the kids to create their ideal lunchbox menu, based on the use of the 5 food groups that had just been presented. The students had a blast getting to pick their favorite foods. Building a menu was also about being a team! Indeed, as they worked in small groups, they got to experience the challenge of finding ideas that would please their classmates while staying on a balanced menu. The season wheel came to help find seasonal and potentially more nutritious options.

You can retrieve what kids really want to eat by browsing all the lunchbox ideas the students are sharing with you on Teuko!

Elementary students created lunchbox menus during the Week of Taste
at Lycée Français de San Francisco. Browse all the ideas on Teuko.

Happy kids, happy community

The parents were pleased to see how excited and proud their children are now about food and the menus they’ve built. One mom sent us this message “B. made me put up your worksheet on the fridge adding – This is very important, Mama-. Clearly, you made an impression. ” Two other moms also wrote us “Thanks for doing this great initiative!” and “Thank you for this wonderful lesson Jess and Alex. Bravo Teuko

Clearly, you made an impression.

A Parent from LFSF.

Teuko’s mission is to empower busy families who pack lunch by providing in one place all the resources they need to foster creativity, organization and motivation, one lunchbox at a time. Building a bridge between this school, the children, and the families, has been an amazing way to show how Teuko can be a force for good, making the kids excited about better food habits, and a whole community benefiting from the happiness around it.

Want to know more about the Week of Taste workshops for the LFSF? Feel free to reach out to us by email.


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