Holiday Gift Guide | Lunchbox Items Under $10

Holidays are coming and you may need some help finding a nice, easy (but meaningful!) gift for a friend, a neighbor, a teacher or a colleague? What about some lunchbox accessories? It’s fun, useful, and a great invitation to talk about food, or even maybe to have lunch together!

Lunch Containers

Cute owls or cool robots? The Sugarbooger Good Lunch Snack (2 containers) is a foodie and cute gift idea!

Bento lunchbox

This bento lunchbox costs normally $18.99 and is currently under $10! Seize the opportunity to offer it to a family member or a friend… or for yourself!

insulated lunchbox for war meals lunch

In need of a warm meal during wintertime? Check out this insulated lunchbox!

salad bowl under $10 perfect for gift to friends Holidays

A salad bowl with 5 compartments under $10!

Lunch Bags

This insulated lunch bag will let you take the convenience of your fridge outdoors anywhere!

With well made and strong velcro closures on the outer flap, one of these cute lightweight totes will be a great gift to bring lunch to school or to work! 

This lunch bag is here to make your life easier and help you enjoy your healthy and delicious meals 🙂

Another cool design, another way to bring our homemade packed lunches in style with this bag!


stainless steel flatware set for a happy lunchtime - great Holiday gift under $10

This Stainless Steel Flatware Set will transform any sad desk lunch into a gourmet lunchtime!

This totally bamboo 3-Piece Flatware Set is a natural, Earth-friendly alternative for home silverware!


These 66 fun food picks will make lunch boxes cute in a snap!

sandwich cutters - cool holiday gift for families who pack lunch

These sandwich cutters are easy to use and help make super cute lunch boxes very quickly!

Happy Holidays from Teuko Team!

Disclaimer: As Amazon’s affiliate company, if you buy some products, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale. Any question? Email us

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