10 Foods to Save Your Lunch Packing Routine

The Holiday Season brings a lot of great meals and gatherings with families and friends, but all these festivities also put our lunch packing motivation and organization to the test. The feeling of running out of ideas is at his highest. The need for ready-to-pack food is stronger than ever. Good news is that you can stock your pantry in a way that facilitates lunch packing when there is no time, no energy or simply no fresh food at home.

Here are few tips for organizing a lunchbox survival kit in your pantry!

Cans, sauces, frozen foods… here is some staples our team finds indispensable in the pantry to prevent these days when “there is nothing left at home”!

Survival Kit Teuko Team
Teuko Team’s Lunchbox Survival Kit.

What you will find in our Lunchbox Survival Kit:

What to do with these 10 food items?

Looking for lunchbox ideas? Discover ideas from the community on www.teuko.com.  Browse all ideas or simply search by food item available in your house.

Here are below some of our latest Survival Themed Lunch Boxes…

Search More Ideas on Teuko.com

Need more reasons to embrace canned and frozen food?

If we find them convenient to pack a last-minute lunchbox, these prepared foods guarantee also some variety while staying budget-friendly.  With a longer shelf-life, than its refrigerated relative, they also allow you to enjoy foods that may not be in season throughout all times of the year, especially seasonal fruits, veggies, and freshly caught fish. Last but not least, thanks to freezing technology, most of the frozen foods may even be more nutrient-rich than fresh products you may find in grocery stores.

Any other favorite food that you like to stock in your pantry? Share with us your best tips!

Ready to conquer the lunchbox grind? Remember to keep track of the lunchbox ideas that work for your family on Teuko.com.  If it works for you, there must be a parent somewhere that may find the inspiration useful too 😉

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