What’s New in Teuko

Here at Teuko, we’re on an amazing journey to build a unique product, to share news and provide services that will help you pack lunch. Our company and community is proud to inspire, motivate and provide feedback. 
We bring—and will continue bringing—the best in engineering, design, and machine learning to make Teuko the platform that will enhance your lunchbox experience and spare you quality time with your family.

We’ve listened to your feedback, and that’s why we’re releasing two new, even better ways of tracking what you pack in Teuko.

The Edit Button

No time for completing the food tags when uploading your photo? Or did you realize that you forgot a food tag that would have helped you retrieve your lunchbox? Unless you  want to add a title or notes, – like useful links, feedback from the kids…?

Now, with the Edit button you can update and modify each of your lunchbox cards at any time.

Your Food Stats

In your personal space, the pie chart icon lets you discover your food stats linked with the lunch boxes you tracked in a week. These stats are totally personal, and for general educational information only. The content cannot, and is not intended to, replace the relationship that you have with your health care professionals. However, if you tag correctly the food of each of your lunch boxes, Teuko can now help you get a better idea of the food you’ve been packing. 

We have exciting new projects on the horizon for Teuko. Meanwhile, we are eager to know what you think about these two new features, hoping they’ll help you be more excited about each of the lunch boxes you pack, day after day. You can share your feedback in the comments, or write us an email at contact@teuko.com


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