Fall Foods

Whenever you feel like you are running out of ideas or that you are packing the same food over and over, think about checking what are the foods in season. Checking the list of the seasonal foods is an efficient way to find motivation for trying new foods and new recipes. Shopping seasonal will also help you get more nutrients and flavor while saving money. So, which new food will you add to your grocery list this Fall?

An infographic from http://www.algaecal.com

Fall Foods Facts

– 10 Fall Foods to Boost Your Mood, by Therese Borchard – Mental Health Writer and Advocate.
– 5 Functional Foods to Enjoy this Fall, by Valerie Agyeman for FoodInsight.org

More Seasonal Foods Resources

– Seasonal produce guide, by Russ Parsons for California Cookbook. An interactive calendar will help you navigate through the seasons and get foods ideas and tips.
Benefits of eating what is in season, by GAIAM.com.

Looking for Fall Lunchbox Ideas?Search Teuko.com by Food Item and see what others have been packing and sharing!


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