Fall Food Challenge

Welcome to the Fall Food Challenge! This food challenge is hosted on Instagram. It’s a great opportunity to welcome the fall season while keeping all the lunchbox moms and dads motivated after a busy month of September.

How does it work?

The challenge started on the first day of Fall and will run until mid-October. Every week, the Teuko team will select and publish a seasonal food item on Instagram that we suggest introducing in one of your lunch boxes any time during the week. Participants simply have to upload their pic on Teuko.com or share it on Instagram with hashtag #teuko to be featured. We hope this new challenge will help families discover new food to try, new ways of packing, new recipes… but most of all that it will keep all of us motivated and committed to packing tasty and happy lunch boxes.

Week 1 – #Apples

We’ve been so amazed by all the different ways you found to get your kids to enjoy their apples. Sliced apples look like the most popular, but check out below other fun and easy ideas shared with you. Congrats to all the participants for your creativity and for inspiring us so much!

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Lunch boxes featured
@itsawonderfullunch, @kochen_backen_bento_packen, @lunch_for_the_little, @my.kids.like.to.eat, @metchosinmomsmenu, @arislunches, @lunches_by_lindsay, @thepeachsparrow, @beegan_boy, @schoollunchideasnorway, @bentoholicmomma, @thebabyherbivore, @heathercoxzzz, @about_lunch_, @yumbox_mommy@foodierosie71, @pavii_krishh@bentogram@la_t_da_dee

Special mention to @heathercoxzzz for her lunch celebrating Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday!

“Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed! Johnny Appleseed Sandwich, “Apple” Sweet Pepper Salad, Apple Slices, Apple Babybel, Apple Juice, Yogurt, and Caramel Apple Bites. 🍎 🍏 “

Week 2 – #Pumpkins

Congratulations to all the participants to the #pumpkin food challenge.

You did manage to introduce pumpkin in your kid’s lunches, making Pumpkin Puree, Pumpkin Hummus, Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Cookies! Looks so delicious!

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Lunch boxes featured:
@mommylife210, @lunches_by_lindsay (2!), @parkfamilylunchbox, @kayy krupp, @chronicles_of_my_kids_lunch, @mimmymakesbento, @kochen_backen_Bento_packen (3!), @ayaanshlunchtoday@analisa.hightower, @foodierosie71.

Congratulations also to the pumpkin themed lunch boxes you’ve submitted. No Pumpkin in the lunchbox here, but creative lunches that prepare us for the transition to the Halloween themed lunches… coming soon 😉

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Lunch boxes Featured: @bentoholicmomma, @uwitlestari, @lunchbox_fox, @ricogohan, @mariacuracha, @blondie9234, @heathercoxzzz, @arislunches.

Week 3 – #SweetPotato

Thank you to all of you who shared recipes and great ideas to introduce Sweet Potato in the kids’ lunchbox. Once again you’ve been so creative and inspiring. We can’t wait to try all the possibilities ourselves.

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Lunch boxes featured:
@goodfoodmoodhk, @litaloveslunch, @momoandcashew, @lunchbox_loves, @ayaanshlunchtoday (2!), @kiddielunchbox, @aravind.sandhya, @thesigafam, @littlemrbento, @thedailylunchboxspot, @alexandra140218, @lunchesandmunches, @analisa.hightower, @foodsbyolivia, @bentoholicmomma, @lipstickandlunch, @peppansalt_lunchboxes, @kalecalmandcollected,  @maguszkalunchbox,  @hawaiibentomom@mamamuncheez

Want to see more lunchbox ideas with Sweet Potato? Explore Teuko.com.

Do you pack lunch? Keep a record of what you pack while you are inspired. Upload your lunchbox ideas on  Teuko.com.


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