Graduation Food Ideas For The Lunchbox

It’s graduation season, which means it’s time for graduation lunchbox ideas! There are so many ways to make fun finger foods to celebrate our graduates. We have handpicked a selection of easy-to-make graduation food ideas that we find perfect for the lunchbox. We hope that it will help you make this celebration special!

1. Graduation Caps

Graduation Food Ideas: how to make Graduation Caps

Use your favorite bread or cheese and you can make a graduation cap with a simple square or a diamond shape.

2. Diploma Rolls

Graduation Food Ideas: how to make Graduation Diplomas

If your child likes tortilla wraps, they will fall for the wrap diploma (See the easy recipe by  Nichelodeonparents). A puff pastry-filled diploma is an option you can also play with. Don’t miss the easy Nutella puff pastry diploma recipe.

3. Numbers and Letters 

Graduation Food Ideas: how to make Graduation Letters and Numbers

Use your regular cookie cutters to carve your message with the food your pack (ie. GRAD, CONGRATULATIONS, LAST DAY OF SCHOOL as shown here in Weelicious’ lunchbox.  You can also simply introduce the next grade using pasta letters or numbers as shown in ono_keiki_grindz’s lunchbox.

4. Customization Ideas

Graduation Food Ideas: how to make Graduation Snacks and treats.

The last week of school is a ton of mixed feelings: last grades, year-end parties, but also saying goodbye to friends and teachers, and sometimes school changes. The lunchbox you send to school is once again a great way to show your support and your encouragement. Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate together with fun lunch ideas, and get ready for a well-deserved summer break!

Do you need more graduation food inspiration before you get started? Make sure to explore the latest trends on Search lunch ideas by food or theme of your preference and see what other parents have been sharing to inspire you!


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