The Best Yogurt Cake Recipe That Will Become Your Next Family Tradition

The Best Yogurt Cake Recipe That Will Become Your Next Family Tradition

Our Teuko Team is French American and there is one famous French recipe we want to share with you: the Yogurt Cake, or if you want a chic way to say it, the “Gâteau au Yaourt”. Our kids love this recipe, not only because it is yummy, but also because it is super easy. Yes, even kids can make it! You only need to know how to count up to 4. Ready to discover your next family favorite recipe?

Ingredients for making a Yogurt Cake

Ingredients for making a Yogurt Cake

Instructions for making a Yogurt Cake

Do you remember that we said it’s easy as counting up to 4 for making a yogurt cake?

The Family Yogurt Cake Recipe in 4 Easy Steps
The Family Yogurt Cake Recipe in 4 Easy Steps

1- The first thing to do: in a big bowl, mix 1 plain whole milk yogurt and 4 eggs.
đź’ˇ Note that you just went from 1 to 4.

2- Second step: you will use the empty yogurt cup to measure and add the following ingredients.
đź’ˇ You’ll simply need to count backward to count the number of cups, from 3 to 2, to1, to 1/2.
3 yogurt cups of flour
2 yogurt cups of sugar
1 big teaspoon of baking powder
1/2 yogurt cup of sunflower oil

3- Third but optional step: you can choose to customize this recipe by adding a flavor of your choice to the basic recipe.

đź’ˇ We suggest any of the following combinations:
– two teaspoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of orange blossom water
– or two teaspoons of vanilla sugar and chocolate chips
– or one banana, with some pecan nuts or walnuts (that will make a yummy and moist banana cake!)
– or orange zest and the juice of half of an orange (perfect for tea time!)
– or citrus zests and blueberries (again, perfect for tea time!)
– or a small amount of pumpkin purĂ©e, and a pinch of cinnamon (perfect for Thanksgiving dessert if you need an alternative to the pumpkin pie).

4- Fourth and last step: mix all the ingredients, place in your baking pan, and bake in your oven for about 40min at 350F (180C)

đź’ˇIf you use a muffin-sized baking pan, you may stop after 30min – it may also depend on your oven, so check it out!

And voilĂ ! 1, 2, 3, 4, done! For special occasions, such as birthdays or holiday celebrations, you may add a 5th step: the decoration! Add some icing, fondant, fruits, cake toppers, candles, … and bon appĂ©tit! Enjoy!

Will you make the yogurt cake your next family tradition? Let us know in a comment below or by email, we want to know!

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