Happy Vibes in Sabine’s Lunch Boxes

At Teuko, we’re amazed how lunch packing and food brings us together! Let’s travel to Germany and meet with Sabine. Sabine is a wonderful mom who packs lunch for her 3 children (now 7, 10 and 12 years old). She’s been sharing with us her amazing lunch creativity under the alias @Pausenbrotjunkie on Teuko. Enjoy her testimonial!

How do you make lunch packing work every day in your busy schedule?

I get up quite early in the morning which does’t bother me because I love to have a quite morning routine before everyone else wakes up. If I plan special veggie carvings I sometimes prepare that in the evening but most of the lunchbox packing a prefer doing in the morning.

Colorful and appetizing kids lunchbox ideas shared by Sabine on Teuko.com
We spotted some carved apples but as we can see, no need to make it too complicated! Simple foods put together make Sabine’s lunches colorful and appetizing!

What are your favorites accessories?

Funny eye picks đź‘€ and picks of any kind and all kinds of cutters for sandwiches. Using funny eye picks or sugar eyes makes everything so much more fun! I also use fondant cutters to cut out tiny hearts and flowers out of fruits and veggies.

5 lunchbox ideas for kids shared by Sabine on Teuko.com
And look at these 5 lunchbox ideas shared by Sabine! Smiley faces, clouds, or even a banana-penguin… The eye food picks make these lunches so fun!

What do you like about Teuko?

I learnt about Teuko from other Instagram lunchbox users. I share my lunch boxes and look for other ideas. I found so much lunchbox inspiration!

Find lunchbox ideas on Teuko.com
You can find lunchbox inspiration by browsing the Teuko Feed
Find lunchbox ideas for kids via the search tool on Teuko.com
… or by searching by foods and themes in the Search tool. Like Sabine, give it a try!

What is the packed lunch that you liked best so far?

The turtle!

Lunchbox packed by Sabine, German mom of 3. Featuring a turtle-sandwich.
This lunchbox features, indeed, a fantastic turtle sandwich, with homemade bread, ham, and cucumber. Discover the details about this lunchbox, shared by Sabine, on Teuko.com!

Are you ready to transform your lunchbox experience? Join Sabine today, create your free account on Teuko.com and get weekly ideas and tips from our amazing community around the world!

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