12 Foods and Lunchbox Accessories for Celebrating Chinese New Year

Welcome 2021, with the Chinese New Year celebrating the Year of the Ox! May this year be more auspicious! For celebrating in a joyful way each day at lunchtime, discover below our Chinese New Year bento lunchbox ideas!

Bye Lunchbox Note, Hi Fortune Card!

Scratch off fortune card for Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year 2021, Year of the Ox.

As the celebrations last up to 16 days (Chinese New Year, with Spring Festival, officially begins on February 12th, 2021, and ends on February 22nd, then you have the Lantern Festival held on February 26th), insert 1 fortune card each day in the lunch bag!

Fortune cards ($12.99, Amazon)

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies. Chinese New Year. Year of the Ox.

With fun and positive messages inside, these fresh and tasty fortune cookies will make lunch yummy and fun for sure! Definitely what we need these days!

Fortune Cookies, $14.98, Amazon

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Cute Chinese Red Envelopes

Chinese Hong Bao, the red envelopes, are believed to bring good luck to the person who receives it. They are traditionally filled with money, but you could slip in a fortune card or chocolate gold coins for a lucky bento lunchbox! With the year of the Ox, let the auspicious care for you, let happiness smile forever!

Lunar New Year Chocolate Coins

Chinese New Year. Year of the Ox. Chinese New Year 2021. Belgian chocolate coins. Lunar New Year.

These good luck red and good fortune gold foiled Belgian chocolate coins are perfect to place in the lunchbox!

Chocolate Coins, $26.95, Amazon

Year of the Ox Sticker Favors

Not fan of the chocolate coins?
You can take the candies you like and place these cute stickers on them.
Or place two stickers at the top of a wooden toothpick and you get cool Chinese New Year food picks! That will do the trick to bring Chinese New Year vibes in the bento lunchbox!

Year of the Ox Stickers, $8.89, Amazon

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Eco-Friendly Moo-rrific Water Bottle

Hydration should be a good resolution everyone should take for 2021! This water bottle is just fantastic for celebrating the Year of the Ox, with water, juice, or… milk!

Water bottle, $19.95, Amazon

Moo-tastic Lunch Bags

May these lovely lunch bags bring your peaceful, happy, yummy lunch time all this year! We selected four designs we liked best (and it seems we’re not the only ones finding these lunch bags cute – they disappear fast!). Which one would you choose?

Chinese New Year Lunchbox Ideas

Discover Chinese New Year lunchbox ideas and more on Teuko.com! See the ingredients that the families of our lunchbox community used and recreate easily these yummy bento lunch box ideas!

How will you celebrate Chinese New Year? Any other foods, accessories, or tips you would like to share, add them in the comments!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon’s affiliate company, if you buy some products from some links inserted in the text of this blog post, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale. This helps Teuko.com remain free! Any feedback? Email us at contact@teuko.com

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