TOP 3 Lunch Box Accessories You Need

Accessories are real lifesavers when it comes to add colors and fun to your kids’ lunchbox without spending extra time in the kitchen. Assembling colorful ingredients is really helpful. An other very useful hack is getting the right accessory to make it fast and easy to prepare an appealing meal in no time!

See below the TOP 3 lunch accessories that can change the whole lunch packing experience!

#1 Silicone Molds

Silicon molds are a must-have in your kitchen. They allow you to add a compartiment and separate food in your regular container. Get a colorful assortment and it will add that extra touch of color to make your lunch more fun in no time!

#2 Crinkle Cutters

The crinkle cutter has been such an amazing discovery in our house. What we like the most about it? Not only it makes it fast to prepare cute veggies, BUT it’s amazing to see how easily it can turn picky eaters into curious eaters willing to try a food item that they believed they didn’t like before…thank you intriguing new shapes!

#3 Food Picks

Food picks are perfect for finger food and little hands. We don’t use them often because our kids love their cute cutlery. However they are always a great alternative for snacks on the go. What we use them the most for? They are the simplest way we ever found to add a fun theme to your lunchbox when you had no time to make anything fun about your meal. Preparing for Halloween, the Holiday season, Valentine’s day, Easter bunny, or simple a birthday party? You will find a solution for any themed-lunch you have in mind!

More Accessories We Love

Looking for other accessories to surprise your kids during lunchtime? Visit the Teuko Boutique for even more inspiration: we gather in the Boutique the favorites from parents of our community. Here are 3 other smart tools that you can find in the Boutique.

Cookie Cutters

Re-use what you may already have in your kitchen. Cookie cutters are great to cut bread, sandwiches or cheese. Little ones are perfect to cut fruits and veggies.
> Shop Cookie Cutters

Sandwich Sealer

The fastest way to remove bread crust and seal your homemade sandwich. Buy a set with different shapes and your kids will love to make his/her own sandwich!
> Shop Sandwich Sealer

Lunchbox Notes

A lots of parents are making their own lunchbox motivational notes, and it’s amazing. If you don’t feel in a creative mood, shop fun ready-to-use lunchbox notes.
> Shop Lunchbox Notes

How do you like these lunchbox hacks? Do you use any of these accessories already? Any other favorite that you would like to share with our community? Let us know in a comment or by uploading a photo on!

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