Instant Pot Spaghetti by Lindsey

What’s for dinner tonight? Two things Lindsey can count on, delicious Instant pot spaghetti and only having to wash ONE pot for clean up. No big pot to clean from the pasta, no sauce pan, no frying pan from the meat, and no colander is necessary here. Everything is done in an Instant Pot. Learn how Lindsey twisted the original recipe.

I used to follow a recipe but on more than one occasion I didn’t have every ingredient so I’ve become more confident just winging it. Save this recipe for an easy, family friendly meal. Lindsey, @thelunchmomma


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Turn Instant Pot on saute setting and add avocado oil.
– Add meat (I’ve used ground turkey and ground beef, both are tasty).
– Stir meat until cooked, drain excess fat to a bowl.
– Add preferred spices: at least 1 tsp of each to really taste.
– Add approximatively 500 mL of tomato sauce to cover meat.
– Add approximately 1 lb (454g) of spaghetti (I break the noodles in half).
– Cover with another 600 mL of the same sauce and make sure noodles aren’t sticking up.
– Add 1.1 litres of water.
Do not stir

Close lid and seal: cook on high pressure for 8 minutes.

Once complete, manually releases pressure, stir well and serve immediately.

Extra Tips To Enhance Your Meal
* Add hot sauce and parmesan cheese petals when serving.
* When adding the tomato sauce, you can do half of the total amount 550 mL diced tomatoes and 550 mL tomato sauce/marinara OR the full amount as tomato sauce/marinara. I’ve done it both ways and either combination works out well.

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