Chicken Pie by Fanny

Fanny is a French mom of 3 who lives in the United States. Becoming a mom led her to discover the love of cooking and sharing. Today she is introducing the community to one of her family’s easy and favorite recipes: spinach, mushrooms and chicken pie. Grab puff pastry and chicken next time you do grocery shopping and you’re all set!

What you need


2 chicken cutlets
1 shallot
2 puff pastries
500 g fresh spinach
Crème fraîche or heavy cream
Grated Cheese of your choice.

Kitchen tools

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1- Cook the spinach and the shallots. Save it. Cook the chicken, then add the mushrooms.

2- Place the chicken preparation on a puff pastry. Then add a layer with the spinaches preparation.

3- Seasoning : Heavy cream or crème fraîche, salt, pepper grated cheese of your choice.

4- Cover with a layer of puff pastry and bake at 220°C/ 430 F until the crust is ready.

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