Secret Resources for Foodie Families

Few years ago, I watched the movie “Julie & Julia” with my family. Meryl Streep wonderfully played the role of Julia Child, and, while being entertained by the movie, I learned that before being very well-known as a cooking teacher, author, and television personality, Julia Child, this amazing American lady, was taking cooking lessons in Paris. At that time, in my search for a culinary school, for a potential future in the food industry, I discovered that was listing the schools and paths that would help me get a specialization in the food industry.

Meryl Street as Julia Child in "Julie and Julia" movie
Meryl Street as Julia Child in the movie “Julie and Julia”

Today I build, the online community of families who pack lunch. While working from home these days and spending more time with my kids, it was a no-brainer that I should share the following hidden resources.

The Useful Ingredient Conversion Calculator

While my 7yo son helped me prepare a simple yogurt cake with me, he asked, puzzled, “Mom!, What is 180ºC equal to in Fahrenheit?” He also asked later, when reading an American cooking magazine for kids, “Mom! How much is 6oz in grams”?

We, Americans and Europeans, may both have an occidental culture, and yet, we can also be completely lost when the recipes we share are written with measurements, temperatures, or weights we are inexperienced at.
This ingredient conversion calculator was very useful. I also printed the chart, and anytime we have to juggle between the different types of measurements indicated in our international recipes, we quickly have a glimpse on the fridge 🙂

Cooking conversion chart from – so so so useful! 😉

Free Online Kids Cooking Games

I also found out that offers a collection of culinary-related online games. Thanks to these foodie games, transmitting the love of food to our children can be done easily and be, at the same time, educational!

Is your kid in preschool? A “Fruit Sorting Game” or “Can I eat it?” game would certainly bring some fun to your little one!

These two games are perfect fro preschoolers!

For older children, like my 7yo and 10yo, I particularly like Open Restaurant, as this game helps them get an idea of how hard culinary work is, showing how busy restaurants are, and how much work servers must do between seating guests, taking orders, serving food & collecting payments.

Instructions of the game Online Restaurant – kids can learn that there is so much happening in a restaurant!

I counted 37 foodie games available on the platform! My kids and I could not test them all, but one sure thing is that they’re all free. And while you prepare lunch or dinner, kiddos will be happy to play with these games!

Useful and fun, that’s how I liked these resources. If you have any other interesting foodie and family-friendly resources, let me know in the comments! 🙂

Stay home, stay safe… and have fun in the kitchen!

Headshot of Jessica Gury, CEO and co-founder of, the online community for lunchbox packers

Jessica Gury is the CEO and co-founder of, the online community for lunchbox packers. She’s French, lives in the USA, and is also the mom of two young kids.

Disclaimer – This blog post has been sponsored. Helping other brands spread the word about their product or resources, especially when we tried and liked it, is a way to maintain free of use. Any questions? Contact us at


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