Zero Waste Recipes For Busy Families

Rotating the same old recipes over and over at the family table is tempting when we are having a tight schedule. And yet, variety is key in the long term for healthy and happy meals, but also for making us proud and satisfied Chefs at home. Today we are sharing with you fast and easy recipe ideas that can fit every family preferences.

All these recipes are kid-friendly. Most of them request less than 10 min to prepare, are customizable with whatever is left in your fridge, and allows plenty food combinations that make sure you can enjoy every leftover. Welcome creativity: no more food waste at the family table!


We recently shared with you the Potato Gratin step-by-step from one of our users. Gratins are great because you can make a big batch in advance and the oven will finish the job for you. Good news is that the potatoes are not the only veggie that you can prepare in a gratin. Some favorites in our community : cauliflower, zucchini, and broccoli gratins. What else would be your favorite?

Basic ingredients you need: grated cheese, salt, pepper, butter and creme fraiche or milk.
Then customize to your taste with any veggie you have at hand!

Recipe : see how to make a gratin

Savory Cakes

Savory cakes can be eaten warm or cold, at the table or as a finger food. They always look great and all you need is to mix basic ingredients to make them. They welcome any veggie, cheese or meet in small pieces (which is great when you want to empty your fridge), and they can be frozen.

Basic ingredients you need: flour, milk, 5 eggs, salt, pepper, gruyere dices.
Then customize to your taste with what you have at hand! Here are combinations we like:
– Tuna
– Ham, Pancetta
– Olives, Mimolette cheese
– Cantal cheese, White wine

Recipe : see how to make a savory cake

Salad Mix

Nothing is faster to prepare than a bowl of salad. The salad bar is a great way to involve the kids in the decision of what they feel ready to try, depending on what’s available. Add a protein and calcium, and you get a balanced meal in one plate! The collection on is wide, here is a selection of Rice Salad and a Tomatoes Corn Tuna Salad that may inspire you to make your own mix!

Tip : to get a complete meal in one single salad, try to combine one food from every 5 food groups (veggie, grain, protein, dairy and a fruit!)

Recipe ideas: Rice Salad, Tomato Corn Tuna Salad

Quiches and Tarts

We like a lot of things about quiches and salty tarts. Of course, the first thing is that it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients and you can swap ham, with salmon, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, leeks, tomatoes…whatever is left in your fridge in small quantities. Other big advantage for hectic weeks: you don’t even need the crust! We often run out of pie crust in our family, and that’s ok as it’s fun and tasty too to bake quiches in a regular cake mold, or, even more fun, in mini muffin pan!

Basics ingredients you need: 3 eggs, grated cheese, salt, pepper, creme fraiche (or milk with 1 spoon of flour)

Recipe : see how to make a quiche (recipe in English and in French, by our friend Magali Butre)

Ready to give it a try? Show us what you cook at home for your kids by uploading a picture on Any other favorite recipe or tutorial? Submit your ideas by email.


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