Finding Food Inspiration in Wesserling’s Gardens

Summertime is the occasion to escape from the routine and sometimes make new discoveries with family and friends. A small detour on the road in France made me stop in the Wesserling’s Park and I’m pleased to share with you a little bit of this discovery.

Wesserling is a small city located at the heart of the mountains of the east of France, les Vosges. The park, actually a textile ecomuseum, was built upon a site which was a “Manufacture Royale” (an industrial site created under the reign of King Louis XIV, in the 18th century).

Inside the park, there are the gardens. Not one garden… Five gardens! There is the rural garden, the English garden, the Mediterranean garden, the Regular garden, and the vegetable garden.

Food inspiration is everywhere

When walking in the vegetable garden, I could not stop thinking about all this inspiration that was in front of me! Look at all the fresh green beans that would crisp in a yummy fresh salad! Or the chards waiting to be sautéed… How lovely and tasty would that be to pack it for lunch!

While I was walking and meditating, the kids were having lots of fun too, dreaming and discovering this place full of poesy. Fond of the big mushrooms, my little girl said it was like being Alice in Wonderland. And guess what? She requested to have mushroom soups in her next lunch boxes!

Did you ever had the chance to visit an extraordinary garden like this one? What new food inspired you? Share your lunch ideas with us on

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