Cooking Tips From The Chef

A few weeks ago, we met with a Corsican chef in San Francisco. Chef Augusta lived the full lunchbox experience during her stay in the US by packing lunch every day for her 5yo boy. We couldn’t resist to ask for her feedback and her best cooking tips to make lunch packing more efficient.

Packing lunch as an evidence

Chef Augusta likes to spend time in his/her kitchen and cooking in batch, 2 to 3 dishes at a time usually. That’s the reason why she mentioned that packing a lunch is everything but a hassle when you are a chef. She added that she has always leftovers at hand, and even better, that packing your own lunchbox is in her opinion the best opportunity to get tasty food at a better price and it is an evidence in her family.

Secret tips to enhance any meal

A chef always have herbs or spices at hand to enhance any preparation, including a batch of pasta or tomato sauce. Here are must-haves for your pantry, easy to find and to use.

Lunchbox-friendly recipes

Pasta are a great base for any lunchbox, the Chef confirmed! Simply mix seasonal vegetables to make it a complete and balance meal. Add a fruit, and you’re all set, especially when you pack lunch for a young kid.

Tips to enhance your pasta:
– If you’re using a tomato sauce, you can easily enhance your preparation with a mix of onion, garlic and some parsley.
– Add Bechamel, kids are usually fond of this white and nutritious sauce.

Leftovers are also a source of easy and fun kid-friendly recipes. Here are 2 easy recipes for you.

More about the Chef
Thank you to Augusta and her family for taking the time to share their best cooking and organization tips. If you happen to travel to Corsica some time soon, stop by Patrimonio, close to Bastia and pay a visit to the restaurant Libertalia Bistro Tropical. You may find there our Chef, her family, and her savory Corsican recipes!

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