3 steps to sparkle your lunchbox routine

Does your lunch packing routine need a fresh start? Get started off the right way with Teuko. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, organization or motivation (and maybe all this at the same time), Teuko will help you relax and make it a more satisfying, even enjoyable, experience.

Here are 3 ways Teuko will help you stay ahead of the lunchbox grind for good this year.

Be Inspired. Try New Things.

Not rotating food options at all is the best way for you to get bored and to prevent your kids from trying new things and expanding their favorites. Connect to Teuko.com and discover daily lunchbox ideas from other parents like you, new foods to try, new textures. Bookmark ideas that inspire you the most. Create your own community of Friends you want to receive more inspiration from.

Discover Lunchbox Ideas on Teuko.com: browse by category, search by Food…

Get organized. Be More Efficient.

Tracking your lunchbox ideas is the easiest way for you to know what you actually pack over time. Mark and remember your kids’ favorite lunches. Define what you want to pack next. It also makes it fast and easy to extract a grocery list to make sure that you stock your pantry with the food items you actually need when grocery shopping.

Track your Lunchbox Ideas with Teuko.
Create your calendar, edit your grocery list, get stats on what you’ve done.

Edit your Grocery List
Get Stats on what you pack

Relax. Enjoy passing down your eating secrets to your kids.

Your lunch, your way. Build a library of lunches that reflects your family culture and preferences. Look back and savor all the effort and the love you put in helping your kids grow and learn every day. It’s interesting to see how tracking can help you learn from what you’ve prepared and modify your habits over time. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

Ready to transform your lunch packing experience for good in 2019? Start by tracking your own lunchbox ideas with Teuko. You will connect to an amazing community of lunchbox moms and dads who committed to collaborate and stay ahead of the lunchbox grind, together!


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