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Diane is sharing lunch ideas with the Teuko Community every week from the mountains of Japan. She accepted to tell us a little bit more about herself and how she is dealing with lunch packing every day.


What type of lunchbox mom are you?

D: I am a working mom to a hungry high school boy who needs a daily lunch. I grew up in Minnesota where my homemade lunches were a sandwich, an apple and some cookies in a paper bag.   I live now in Japan, land of fancy lunch boxes filled with beauty and color.

Diane's Lunchbox Ideas
>> See Diane’s Lunchbox Ideas on Teuko.com

What do you like most about Teuko so far?

D: Packing lunch in Japan has been quite overwhelming except that now I have found the Teuko Community to journal my efforts. I love Teuko because there is no feeling of competition or pressure to be great.  It completely serves my purpose of recording my daily obento, and even lets me plan lunches in advance, based on what I have previously posted. Japan has school all year round, so having Teuko as my journal helps me record lunch combinations with easy viewing and thus, helps keep my son well fed.  I love Teuko, I am so thankful to have found it.

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What is your lunchbox routine?

D: Every evening I take note of the ingredients on hand, compare them with previously made lunches and set out the bento box that will best fit the next morning’s lunch.  This makes mornings much easier.

One observance I have found in preparing obento boxes in Japan is we often include main dish leftovers regardless of not reheating them.  This provides many more possibilities, like stir-fry or meatloaf.


Visit Teuko.com to see what others are packing and tracking day after day.


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