Summertime Lunchbox Tips

If lunch packing doesn’t always end with the school year, most of us like to release the pressure on the lunches during the summer season. Because we want to help you make it always simple but safe and tasty, we gathered a few tips to make sure everybody is benefiting from the summer, while at work, in a summer camp, or on vacations.

1. Keep your kids hydrated.

Many parents struggle with encouraging kids to drink more water. And yet, everything in our body relies on hydration for proper functioning. Water helps move oxygen and nutrients through the blood to our cells; lowers stress on the heart; prevents muscle cramping… So how to make it simple to keep our kids hydrated during the summer? We’ve got very good news: water doesn’t come only in a glass: eating some specific foods can help us have them meet their daily water needs.

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How much water is enough water?

Here are general fluid guidelines set by the National Academies of Sciences:

  • 5 (8-oz) cups* of fluid a day for children ages 4–8
  • 7 (8-oz) cups* of fluid a day for girls ages 9-13
  • 8 (8-oz) cups* of fluid a day for boys ages 9-13

*These estimates do not reflect total dietary water intake, as we take in roughly 20% additional fluid from the food we eat. Additionally, warm temperatures and added physical activity can increase daily fluid needs.

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2. Keep food fresh and safe

It’s important to keep your child’s lunch cold and fresh to keep the food safe and tasty. Here are simple tips to best keep the food cold and safe until lunchtime:

  • It’s fine to prepare the food the night before, as long as you pack lunch bags right before leaving home.
  • Insulated, soft-sided lunch boxes or bags are best for keeping food cold, but it’s also recommended to include at least two cold sources. Think about combining why not frozen gel packs with a frozen juice box or frozen bottle of water.
  • Freezing sandwiches helps them stay cold. However, for best quality, don’t freeze sandwiches containing mayonnaise, lettuce, or tomatoes. Add these later.
  • Some food is safe without a cold source. Items that don’t require refrigeration include whole fruits and vegetables, canned meat and fish, chips, bread, crackers, peanut butter, jelly, mustard, pickles, hard cheese and french pasteurized cow’s milk La Vache Qui Rit.
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3. Sun Protection

Last but not least, for a safer lunchtime, don’t forget to provide sunscreen and a hat on hot days to your summer campers 😉

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