3 Questions For Juliette

Juliette is a working mom of 2 little ones, Arthur 3 Yo and Caroline 1 Yo.  She joined the lunchbox community when her son started preschool. She found with Teuko the support she was looking for to stay inspired and improve her lunches week after week.  

What’s the lunchbox routine that works today in your family?

J: After almost a year of packing, I found my best lunchbox hack: the freezer! I don’t mind cooking dinner every night for my family, but preparing a lunchbox from scratch every morning has proven too much of a hassle. That’s why whenever I cook, I plan for extra that I freeze in lunch portions for my son’s lunch box. By doing so, not only would I have a home cooked meal ready for him every day, but it would also allow me to just prepare some raw vegetables to add to his lunch in the morning. The freezer is a big time saver! Every single lunchbox includes a frozen meal or if nothing else is available frozen vegetables.


What do you like most about Teuko so far?

J: I like that Teuko is giving me access to a unique place where I can see what other parents are packing – I am not alone! I also appreciate being able to access French School lunch menus, which are all validated by Registered Dietitians

After a few weeks, I realized that tracking what I pack is a wonderful opportunity to understand what I’m actually feeding my son week after week while preventing from being repetitive. It allows me to improve the quality and nutritional balance of his lunches. This is also why I love the calendar option:  being able to add a date to every menu gives me a clear picture of what I’ve done and reminds me of some foods that I have not prepared in a while. Last but not least, Teuko helps me introduce or reintroduce food items that I had forgotten about!

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What are your favourite lunchbox accessories so far?

  • Lunch bag: Built NY insulated bags.
  • Lunch container: glass containers from Snapware Total Solution.

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