Secrets of the Oil Mill of Storckensohn

Blog post originally published in July 10, 2017. By Jessica Gury.

Once upon a time, in a very small village, in the east of France, there was this hidden gem, the Oil Mill of Storckensohn. The villagers brought walnuts and hazelnuts. Few hours later they could bring back home bottles filled with gold…



Illustration of the Oil Mill of Storckensohn. Pic taken at the entrance of the Munsch House.


That sounds like the beginning of a great story, right? This story about the oil production is part of the great memories my kids and I brought back from France and we are happy to share it with you.


The Munsch House and the Oil Mill of Storckensohn.


The Oil Mill of Storckensohn was built in 1732 and what’s wonderful about it is that it’s still working! The authenticity of the oil mill let us plunge in stories and explanations.


Valentin and André, the two awesome hosts of the Oil Mill of Storckensohn.


We were delighted to be listening to the gears that were making music to our ears while it was super hot outside. André and Valentin, two passionate guides who shared the secrets of the oil mill of Storckensohn, made a very fun, dynamic and instructive demonstration.



1, 2, 3 steps for making the oil.

The first step to make oil is to transform the nuts into some kind of paste. The kids loved to collect the paste. Then, the paste was warmed up, so that, finally, it could be pressed and be transformed into oil.

The oil mill is making a sublissim tasty oil like you never ever had in your life. The smell and the taste of the oils… it’s literally pure gold (no kidding!). You can buy some bottles of oil at the boutique attached to the Munsch House, a little museum very next to the oil mill where you can discover how villagers were living.


Inside the Munsch House. Two bottles of oil. Clogs.


I’ve read a lot about the good nutritional aspect of nuts, and yet, I haven’t had the habit to regularly eat nuts or use nuts oils. This visit inspired me!


Beet salad with goatcheese and walnuts.

Fun fact: during Fall, the oil mill of Storckensohn produces… fresh apple juice! So, when I’ll pack some apple juice in my kids’ lunch boxes, I’ll somehow travel back in time, thinking about this hidden gem, in this very small village in the east of France.

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