Inspiration from the Historic Soulard Farmers Market

Last month led my family to St. Louis, in the state of Missouri. While St. Louis is currently remodeling the Jefferson National Memorial Expansion near its famous Arch and gets brand new buildings (go to St. Louis Library if you have the chance!), my kids and I could explore a very old but vibrant gem located in the neighborhood of Soulard: the Historic Soulard Farmers Market.


Two San Franciscans enjoying the Citygarden of St. Louis.
In the background, the Old CourtHouse and the famous Arch of St. Louis.

The Soulard Farmers Market has a Grand Hall connecting wings with multiple vendors: butchers, fruits and vegetables vendors, souvenirs… A farmer’s market similar to those you can find in France.


The Soulard neighborhood and its historic Farmers Market.

For sure if we were living in St Louis, I would come every week to fill in my wicker basket with everything I need to prepare delicious lunch boxes for my kids!


Yummy, fresh, colorful seasonal food always brings inspiration 😉
Discovery and fun for the whole family!

What about you? What is the latest Farmers Market that you’ve visited with your kids?
Share with us your favorites by email or share your pictures with #teuko on social networks.


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