3 Questions For Jenna

Interview originally published on http://www.teuko.com, on October 15, 2017.



Jenna is a young mom packing a lunchbox every day to go to the office. She lives in Paris, France. It all started when she became pregnant: she decided back then to pack her own lunches in order to better control the food she was eating. Jenna has been using Teuko since then, becoming one of our first users.

Tell us briefly how you handle lunchbox packing?

I always pack my lunchbox in the evening, right after dinner. I pick the desert in the morning before leaving for work. Sometimes I also get help in the kitchen from my boyfriend. If I have a specific lunchbox idea in mind I may cook a separate meal for my lunch.

What do you like the most about using Teuko everyday?

What I like the most is being able to share few ideas of simple meals: people always say it’s too difficult to prepare a lunchbox but it can be really easy!
I love to browse at random menus from other parents on Teuko and to see the variety: I find it motivating. I also like being able to upload and track pictures of what I pack because it allows me to go back to them later.


What is your best hack against the lunchbox blues?

Teuko! Teuko helps me combine all the 5 nutriments needed for a balanced meal.


Bonus! Jenna’s favorite lunchbox

I like wraps because you can mix and change recipes. It’s always a different meal and a tasty one!




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