3 Questions For Pudji


Pudji roundPudji is a mom of 2 boys (Age 7 and 9), living in San Francisco. She is preparing and packing school lunches every day because it’s her way to ensure that her boys actually eat and fuel properly their body for the day. Pudji is checking Teuko anytime she is running out of inspiration or motivation.

  • Tell us briefly about your lunchbox routine?

I like to cook in the morning most of the time so that the food I pack is fresh and tastier. I rotate between Asian food, Italian food and French food. To encourage my kids eat veggies I involve them when grocery shopping and make them take turns every week to pick a new fruit and a new veggie of their choice for the family to discover together. Every week we also have one “Veggie Day” to alternate with other days including meat, chicken, fish…

I don’t do meal planning, but I have basics in my weekly grocery shopping list, including pasta, cream, cheese, eggs, “charcuterie”, green onions…

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  • What do you like the most about Teuko?

I check on Teuko whenever I run out of inspiration to pick ideas of basic ingredients. It’s great to get to see what other parents are doing: it gives options whenever you’re tired with rotating your own menus. I also like to involve my kids and browse the great wall of ideas with them like if we were at a restaurant.

Looking back, I think it is really nice to be able to track and share what we do because lunch packing is part of our job as parent, and Teuko is a great way to make it count! I also realized that taking a picture of what we do pack is a fantastic opportunity to show our kids how tasty and inspiring their lunch looks like and how much importance we give to it. I feel like knowing how much effort we put in their lunch helps them appreciate it more.

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  • What is your best hack against the lunchbox blues?

First of all I check Teuko ideas. But also sometimes I think it’s important to simply take a break from packing: some days I don’t hesitate to buy food ready to eat.

Bonus! Pudji’s favorites…


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