3 Questions For Michael

Interview originally published on Teuko.com, January 10, 2018.


Michael is a single professional living in Montréal in Canada, responsible of the Health, Safety and Environment department of two petfood manufacturers in the USA (Minneapolis, MN) and Canada. Because of the lack of restaurants close to his office, he packs lunch every day for work. He joined Teuko at the very beginning of the pilot to track what he was doing and get new ideas.


Tell us briefly about your lunchbox routine

I always prepare my lunchbox the evening before. Usually when making my dinner, I plan for two servings so that I can use the leftovers for my lunch. I like to use Tupperware containers to bring my lunch to my workplace because they don’t leak. On site, we have a fully-equipped cafeteria where we can heat up our lunch.


What do you like the most about using Teuko?

Browsing Teuko lunchbox ideas helps me build my grocery list without having to rack my brain to know what I will eat the next week. This saves also some time on the preparation of my lunch boxes everyday. Uploading my pictures and tracking what I was packing also made me realize that I was eating the same food over and over. Teuko allows me to pick lunchbox menu from others and diversify mines! So healthy!


What is your best hack against the lunchbox blues?

Whenever I am feeling low in inspiration or motivation, I pick ideas from other people on Teuko. When I don’t have enough food left from my dinner I am using my French “baguette-jambon-beurre” sandwich as a joker.


Bonus! Michael’s favorite lunchbox

Full-meal lunchbox is the best, such as avocado, salmon with rice and yogurt + fruit.




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