World Kindness Day

Blog post originally shared on November 13, 2015. By Jessica Gury.

Before school started again this year, as I was preparing the incorporation of Teuko, I read an article online:
“Judgment Day: Lunchboxes Give Parents Another Reason to Compete”

And I was wondering… How can this happen? Where is this “competition” and why adding “competition” between us, parents, when the simple fact to make a lunchbox is already quite a challenge every evening and you want, first of all, that your own kid eats what you put in the lunchbox so that she/he remains healthy and can be at her/his best until the end of the day at school?

Before the article starts, it’s written “Social media gives parents anxiety about the foods they send off to school with their kids.” and “Some parents are sending their kids to school with crafty, personalized lunches, setting the bar high for other moms and dads.” And through the article, we can read “online comments at times can become openly hostile, showing that some are judging what other parents choose to serve their kids” or “This leaves anyone vulnerable to criticism if they differ from families…”

I was saddened by this negativity. And this leads me to share with you some values I want for Teuko:

  • T like Together
  • E like Enjoy
  • U like Unique
  • K like Kind
  • O like Open-Minded

Yes, parents, let’s solve the lunchbox problem Together, let’s Enjoy being Unique, let’s be Kind and Open-minded! TEUKO!

Diversity in food creates awesome culinary experience. Our world is so big, the food everywhere in the world looks and tastes different. Our lunch boxes, for sure, will be filled in many different ways and will look different. Because, let’s not forget that, we are all different on this planet.

So let’s spin all this negativity into something positive: if you want to compete, why not, but do it like an athlete. An athlete, indeed, wins all the honors when competing fairly and with integrity.
How to do that in the parenting world and with the lunch boxes? Well, I don’t have a magic solution, but, at least, let’s do this: be kind to each other.
When using social media? Of course, share your creativity and your uniqueness, be open to see different food and different lunch boxes too, but, most of all, share kindness.

Happy World Kindness Day everyone!



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