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2022 had amazing foodie and fun energy, so we’ve also wrapped up the year’s lunch packing highlights for you! is the #1 online community for parents who pack lunches for their children where families get easy, healthy, and fun lunchbox ideas, recipes, and tips, all in one place. 

The Teuko Lunchbox Community, with kids bento school lunch ideas is all over the world in 2022
Top 10 of countries of the Teuko Lunchbox Community, with kids bento school lunch ideas which is all over the world in 2022

2022 is undeniably the year of the return of the lunchbox., indeed, had more than 240,000 page views this year, an increase of nearly 40% compared to 2021! North America, alone, with the United States of America in the first place, and then Canada in the 2nd place represents 87.2% of all the families who visited to get kids’ lunch inspiration. Europe and Asia remain at the 2nd and 3rd place this year. At a country level, behind the USA and Canada, the UK is the top 3 lunch packing country this year, and it’s followed by Indonesia (4th place), Australia (5th place), China (6th place), Germany (7th place), India (8th place), Ireland (9th place), and Philippines (10th place).
With lunch-packing friends visiting from the Middle East and from Oceania this year, we’re wondering if 2023 would not surprise us!

Now the question is: who shared the most lunchbox ideas on Teuko in 2022? Here are our…

Top Lunch Packing Teuko Friends of 2022

Top 10 of the families moms who shared the most lunchbox ideas in 2022 on the kids bento lunchbox community

ArtInLunchbox, Maitremily in Vancouver, Momztries, Surviving_schoollunches, BentoBette, MarshmallowMama, KidsLunchLove, Silkes bentoboxes, Lunchbox_for_da, Lunchformytribe are our Top 10 Teuko Friends of 2022! They’re from all over the world (the USA, Canada, Australia, and many more countries) and they can’t hear us, but yes! we’re clapping right now! Congrats to them! And congrats also to all the other Teuko lunch-packing families who shared their kids’ lunchbox ideas with us! Together, we keep strong against the lunchbox blues!

By the way, discover all the many lunch-packing tips and ideas of our lunchbox heroes in their interviews, in the section “Community” of our Teuko Blog!

Now, what did the Teuko Family enjoy packing the most in 2022?

Top Foods in Kids’ Bento Lunch Boxes in 2022

Top 10 of kids foods we found the most in 2022 on the bento lunchbox community

Fresh and nutritious foods kept on filling our kids’ bento school lunches again this year. This 2022 Top Foods in Kids’ Bento Lunchboxes ranking was made possible thanks to the food tags that our Teuko Friends kindly indicated for each lunchbox idea they shared on
Strawberries are this year’s big success, while they had 3rd place in 2021. Cucumber, the #1 food in 2021, now becomes 2nd. Astonishingly, families paid particular attention to what their children were drinking too this year, as the food tag “Water” is 3rd (while it was 7th in 2021). Then, carrots and cherry tomatoes come respectively in 4th and 5th place. Blueberries are still in the top 10 this year but, with its 6th place in 2022, became less favored. The only dairy that made it to the 2022 Top 10 is Cheddar Cheese. And, last, for the 8th, 9th, and 10th place, families tagged “Sandwich“, “Ham“, and “Bread“…
Classic, simple foods, were the real winners of 2022!

So… the next thing you would wonder is: what themes were the most present with our kids’ lunch boxes! Let’s discover, indeed, the…

Top Lunchbox Themes of 2022

Top 10 of kid-friendly themes we found the most in 2022 on the bento lunchbox community

It seems that our Teuko Lunchbox Community mainly followed the seasons, with “Winter”, “Spring”, “Summer”, and “Fall”, respectively in the 2nd, 3rd, 8th, and 9th place of the most used theme tags. Additionnally to that, an eco-conscious effort was made, one lunchbox at a time, with more lunch boxes packed and tagged with “Plant-based Cuisine”. It’s actually the number #1 theme tag this year! And with the theme tag “Rainbow Color”, in the 10th place, our Teuko Team is glad and proud that our broader mission to make our world a better place for our kids, with variety in foods and less carbon footprint, is shared by our community of lunch-packing families! And, of course, as we can see with the theme tags “Halloween”, “Cartoons”, or even “Valentine’s Day”, respectively in the 4th, 5th, and 7th place, it seems that, together, we had so much fun, and we put so much love into our kids’ lunch boxes!

lastly, what were the lunchbox accessories that were used by Teuko families? Let’s discover the…

Top Lunch Accessories for Kids in 2022

Top 5 of kid-friendly bento lunch boxes we found the most in 2022 on the lunchbox community
Top 5 of kid-friendly accessories inside bento lunch boxes we found the most in 2022 on the lunchbox community

So, for the lunch accessories for kids that our Teuko Lunchbox Community used the most in 2022, we did not do one Top 10, but two Top 5, in order to separate the lunch boxes from the other accessories.

Thus, for the bento lunch boxes category, we’re delighted to see this year (drumroll please!): Planetbox as the Teuko Families’ Top Choice! In 2nd place, there was Sistema lunch boxes. Then, from 1st place in 2021 to 3rd place this year, we have the Yumbox lunch boxes. In 4th place, we discover the Omiebox lunch boxes, that combine hot and cold foods together, in one place. And last, in 5th place, the Bentgo Kids lunch boxes.

Regarding the Top 5 Accessories we found the most in the Teuko Kids’ lunch boxes: in 1st place, we have the Silicon Molds, as they help separate foods in the box in a very colorful way; in 2nd and 3d place, we have, respectively, eyes food picks and leaves food picks; behind, in 4th place, food cutters that exchange their place with leaves picks this year compared to 2021; and last, a novelty in our top 5 accessories, compared to 2021, the bamboo cutlery set, which proves the willingness of our Teuko Lunchbox Community to be more eco-friendly, one lunchbox at a time!

What lunchbox accessory would you have next for upgrading your kids’ meal time? Have a look at our Teuko Boutique and let us know!

And… that’s a wrap!

Thank you so much for sharing your kindness and foodie creativity with us! Same lunchbox fun next year?

Share our 2022 Teuko Celebration with your family and friends! We should be all proud of what we accomplished this year, as, together, with good food and lots of fun, we can also help reduce diet-related diseases and obesity, one lunchbox at a time!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon affiliate company, if you buy some products from some links inserted in the text of this blog post, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale. That’s how we can keep free!


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