@pinterest_mom_wannabe or the power of organization to pack lunch boxes.

The Power Of Organization When Packing Lunch Boxes

Learn all about the lunchbox journey of Christi, @pinterest_mom_wannabe. This US mom traveled the USA before stopping in Maine. She is packing lunch boxes every day for her 2 kids and her husband. Once or twice a week she also packs lunch for her mother-in-law. Meet Christi and read about how she makes it work packing up to 4 lunches a day in the long run!

Christi’s lunchbox routine

I am an early riser, so I get up and make lunches first thing. I have a pretty good system for making all the lunches simultaneously, along with making coffee, putting out meds, etc. I always plan a weekly lunch menu so I know what to buy at the store, and have everything on hand. On holiday weeks, I like to do extra special treats so everything is searched for and planned out well in advance, and if I am doing time-consuming things I’ll make them the afternoon or evening before.

Christi’s number one lunchbox hack

The organization is key. I have a large divided box for all my picks and cutters which makes everything easy to find. Menu planning takes all the guesswork out and saves time. After I shop, I wash and prep the fruits as much as I can (pulling grapes off the vine) so that’s one less thing to do in the morning. As far as the kids eating well- the more “fun” it is, the better they do for me. Fun shapes and lots of colors are key. I do include them in planning as well and that involvement makes the children more likely to eat better too.

Wondering what Christi uses Teuko for? Staying inspired!

“I love the support of the members of Teuko community and the newsletters to stay inspired and motivated” (Christi, @pinterest_mom_wannabe)

Bonus – Her kids’ favorites lunch boxes so far 

Empanadas, homemade sushi, or taquitos are all favorites in our house!

@pinterest_mom_wannabee favorite food and lunch ideas

My Rover lunchbox is amazing and I love using my large collection of picks.”

@pinterest_mom_wannabee favorite lunch accessories

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