6 Popular Star Wars Food Ideas For The Kids' Lunchbox

6 Popular Star Wars Food Ideas For The Lunchbox

Lunchbox moms and dads are being more and more creative year after year. What we like the most about this is that they always come up with easier ways for us to catch up and improvise a fun themed-lunch. Star Wars Day is one of these celebrations. They make it so simple to add a note from another galaxy to the kid’s lunches that you don’t want to miss the opportunity to make your children smile at lunchtime. We gathered for you new, super fun, and easy tricks to surprise your Star Wars fans by using simple and popular food in the lunchbox!

1-Rice Molded Star Wars Characters

An effective way to introduce a theme in your kids’ lunchbox is rice characters. It’s always a plus if you are a creative person, but you actually don’t need specific skills to make a Yoda rice ball or a Princess Leila rice ball. Find Star Wars rice creations on Teuko.com.

A bento Porg from a galaxy far far away, by @funkytartines via Teuko.com. Start Wars Food Ideas.
@funkytartines shared a bento Porg from a galaxy far far away on Teuko.com.
Yoda rice ball by @Bentofor_orion via Teuko.com. Star Wars Food Ideas.
@Bentofor_orion created a cute Yoda with rice and shared it also with us on Teuko.com.

2- Star Wars Pancakes

If you like pancakes in the lunchbox, just pick among the wide selection of waffler makers available on the market. Need some help? Check out Teuko’s favorites on Amazon for inspiration.

Star Wars Millenium Falcon Waffle Maker
Star Wars Millenium Falcon Waffle Maker will help you travel to a galaxy far far away at lunchtime!
Satr Wars Waffle Maker
STAR WARS 4-Waffle Maker
A stormtrooper's head made in a jiffy with this cool waffle maker
A stormtrooper’s head made in a jiffy with this cool waffle maker!

3- Star Wars Sandwiches

Stormtroopers pressed sandwich, BB8 cut-out sandwich: pick a character you like and find your style.

Star Wars Day Lunch by @lunches_by_lindsay via Teuko.com. Star Wars Food Ideas.
An R2D2 hard-boiled egg, a kiwi Yoda, and cool sandwiches representing Vader, Chewbacca, and C3PO in @lunches_by_lindsay‘s lunchbox – via Teuko.com
BB8 Sandwich, Cucumber Yoda, and Apple T-Fighter by @ahopkins via Instagram. Star Wars Food Ideas.
@ahopkins created a BB8 sandwich, with a cucumber Yoda, and an apple Tie Fighter – via Instagram

Need some help to get started? Check out Teuko’s favorite cutters and toasters on Amazon to make it fast to customize your sandwich or tortilla with an exclusive Star Wars shape! More Star Wars sandwich ideas for you on Teuko.com

4- Star Wars Eggs

Artists among you may like the idea to draw on a whole hard-boiled egg as shown by @Lunches_by_lindsay in her Star Wars Day lunch. @blaxig presented last year a fantastic new way to present your classic hard-boiled egg in the kids’ lunches, check it out below! Not feeling creative? No problem! Egg molds are always an option for anyone.

May the 4th Be With You! Star Wars Lunch Idea by @blaxig on Instagram.
Deviled BB8 Egg on dill by @blaxig via Instagram
C-3PO Boiled Egg Shaper, via Teuko Lunchbox Store on Amazon
C-3PO Boiled Egg Shaper

5- Cucumber Yoda

If your kids like cucumbers, slice them and save 2 slices to carve a Yoda face. You may need a Yoda cookie cutter to make it even better. Not into cucumbers? Consider swapping the cucumber with avocados: simple slices can make a cute Yoda, see below!

Star Wars Lunch by @TheBentobaker via Instagram. Star Wars Food Ideas For The Lunchbox.
Cucumber Yoda by @TheBentobaker via Instagram
Yoda Eggs and Chewbacca Toast, by @heathercoxx via Instagram
Avocado Yoda by @heathercoxx via Instagram

6-Kiwi Yoda

The Yoda Kiwi has been such a hit last year in the kids’ lunch boxes that we had to feature this food tip here. Our Teuko friend @lunches_by_lindsay even made a tutorial that you can find on Instagram. We also spotted some other of the kids’ favorite fruits that you can easily turn into a Yoda character: check these green apples and grapes below!

Stormtrooper quesadilla, Kylo Ren jello, Raspberry lightsaber, Yoda kiwi! Wow! A cool lunchbox idea by @blweats on IG. Curated with love by Teuko Team.
@blweats created a Kiwi Yoda – via Instagram
The Force is strong with this lunchbox shared by @yummylunchboxes on IG! Curated with love by Teuko Team.
@yummylunchboxes created a Green Apple Yoda – via Instagram
Wonderful Star Wars lunch shared by @feeding_the_polands on IG. Curated with love by Teuko Team.
  @feeding_the_polands created a Green Grapes Yoda – via Instagram

Ideas Outside the Box

These ideas won’t necessarily be the best fit for a lunch to go, BUT they stay beautiful and appetizing food ideas to celebrate Star Wars Day with friends and family, don’t you think?

Platter to celebrate Star Wars Day, by @marshmallowmama via Instagram
Platter Idea by @marshmallowmama via Instagram
Deviled Eggs Yoda by @eatyourmonsters via Instagram
Deviled Eggs Baby Yoda by @eatyourmonsters via Instagram

How do you like these Star Wars food ideas? Any other idea to surprise Star Wars fans at lunchtime? Find and share Star Wars lunch ideas with the help of Teuko.com. Don’t miss out on the latest Star Wars lunch accessories in the Teuko Amazon Store. From food cutters to kitchen essentials, we have found the best accessories for a bento box out of this world.

Disclaimer – This blog post has affiliate links and sponsored content. We may get a small share from the revenues. Helping other brands spread the word about their product, especially when we tried and liked them, is a way to maintain Teuko.com free of use. Any questions? Contact us at contact@teuko.com


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