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Surviving school lunches with Megan

Megan is a mom of 2 from Ontario, Canada. She is thriving at packing fun and nutritious school lunches for her daughter while taking care of her 3-year-old daughter and her baby boy. Learn her secrets to pack so colorful and diverse lunch ideas every day.
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What is the routine in your family?

I’m currently on maternity leave but things run in a similar manner to when I worked outside of the home full-time. We pick my daughter up from school and when we get home she is to empty her backpack. Then we make her lunch for the following day. I usually give myself 30 minutes to do so as that’s the amount of time we had when I was working outside the home. Sometimes l prepare up a bit more for the next day such as cutting up fruits or veggies.

What is your best lunchbox hack so far?

Preparation and planning are key. If you have extra time to prep up a few more strawberries while you are making lunch, do it. You already have the stuff out might as well save yourself the time for the next day! Have a plan going into making the lunch. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself lost just looking into your fridge. I like to write down ideas on my dry erase board on my fridge as I think of them I might not use them that week or even the week after but at least they’re there to give me inspiration when I need it. Teuko makes it easy to explore themed lunches and get new inspiration.

What are your favorite accessories?

We love our Sistema lunch boxes, they are fantastic: they are easy to use for my daughter, they fit a lot of food, and they fit perfectly in our Roots lunch bag that we got from Costco. I’ve made my own picks as they aren’t readily available in the city that I live in but I’ve also ordered quite a few online and I love the fun and whimsy it adds to a lunch. I also love the silicone inserts that I found from Dollarama as they fit perfectly in our Sistema bento box.

Most of my seasonal picks are just toothpicks that are meant for cupcakes and that I shop around at different stores.

What is your daughter’s favorite lunch idea so far?

The Harry Potter Lunch Idea has my daughter’s favorite. She loved the theme and the food choices!

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