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Korean Inspired Kids’ Lunch Ideas by Serina

Serina is from South Korea and she is living in Florida, in the United States. She has been sharing fun-themed lunches depending on her daughter’s journey, Ellie, 5yo. From a regular school day to a trip to Ecuador, or the Halloween and the Christmas festivities, every event is an inspiration for Ellie’s lunches. Serina lunch boxes look fancy but are fast and easy to make, check them out.
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How do you make it work to pack such a variety of food every day?

I mostly prepare ingredients the day before, in the evening. I always wash vegetables and fruits in advance. Leftover food is also a great source for lunch too.

I get my inspiration from Teuko and Instagram. They help me catch up with the events coming up and get great ideas that I can twist my way. I like to make lunch boxes according to daily events too to make special days even more special. I don’t focus on certain food but when I pack, I really try to pack a balanced meal. I always try to include one protein source, some carbs, veggies, and fruits.

Our favorite food is Korean food, but Ellie loves all the food from all over the world. I try to introduce new food to her all the time. The lunchbox is a great tool to do that!

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Any lunchbox hack that we could use to simplify lunch packing?

Riceballs are super easy to make, nutritious, and delicious. I use a lot of boiled eggs too. It is easy to prepare, a perfect protein source, and fun to pack: I like to place eye food pick on my hard-boiled eggs for instance.

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I always try to introduce the food in a fun way. Like every little kid, my daughter has some foods that she likes less, but I never give up. That’s how Ellie became a great eater over time. It is a lot of extra work, but if I could give my daughter healthy eating habits, I’d try my best to provide it.

What are your favorite accessories?

I love fruit picks. I probably have hundreds of them! I use the eye shape ones quite often because they bring so much fun to the lunch box by simply placing them on the food. 
I also like seaweed punch. I can punch out different faces and can use it on the food. Silicon cupcake molds and cookie cutters can be great for daily usage too.

What is Ellie’s favorite lunch idea so far?

My daughter loves Korean food. Her favorite food is Kimbap and riceballs. You can find recipes and tips on my YouTube Channel.

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