Lunches of Fun with CoCo on Teuko

Behind the wonderful lunchbox ideas of LunchesofFun you can find on, there is CoCo. CoCo is from Texas. She packs fun lunches for her 3 children who are 7, 4 and 2 years old. Let’s discover CoCo’s lunch packing style and hacks!

Hi Coco. First of all, welcome to our Teuko Lunchbox Community! We’re glad to count you in, your lunchbox ideas are so fun! Tell us, how do you make it work every day in your busy schedule?

Packing fun food for my kids is fun for me! I love having the creative outlet that also makes my kids so happy. Now, about the organization, I keep all of our lunch supplies as organized as I can so I know where to look for what I need when packing lunch. I pack any items that I am able to the night before. This helps me not have to rush as much in the mornings. It’s all a give and take just like anything else we do. I make the time because lunchtime is important to us.

That’s a great hack! What are your family’s favorite lunchbox accessories?

We love bento food picks! It’s hard to choose a favorite. The eye picks are at the top of our list because they are so versatile. For the lunchbox containers, we love Planetbox rover and Bentgo chill.

Food eye picks perfect for making lunches fun for kids Teuko Lunchbox Community parenting hack
Eye food picks are the top lunchbox accessories for Coco
Planetbox Rover is one the lunchbox containers Coco loves Teuko Lunchbox Community
For the lunchbox containers, Coco loves the Planetbox Rover…
Bentgo chills lunchbox containers Teuko Lunchbox Community
… and the Bentgo Kids Chill Lunch Box.

Thanks for sharing your favorite items. It may be very useful, indeed, for families like yours, having young children, to know that you love using these.

Last quick question: what do you like best about using

I love having a place to share my packed LUNCHESofFUN, where I can also meet other lunch packing enthusiasts, see other fun ideas and discover new products I may want to use.

Thank you CoCo for sharing your love with our Teuko Lunchbox Community. We look forward to being even more inspired by your lunchbox creativity and fun!

The Halloween Frankenstein corn dog. A favorite for @LunchesofFun’ children so far.

Are you ready to transform your lunchbox experience? Join CoCo today, create your free account on and get weekly ideas and tips from our amazing community around the world!

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