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In addition to a nutritious packed lunch, a child spending the whole day at school may need a snack to hold over until the next meal at home. We’re not surprised then if some Teuko families have already been sharing snack ideas they like with our lunchbox community on We found out that there is an average of 4 food items per snack. What are the winning food categories among all these ideas? What about the foods preferred by the children? Discover with us the trends and the snack ideas for kids available for you on

And the winning Food Categories are… (*Drumroll*)

Proportion food categories in kids snack box ideas shared on the lunchbox community - families who pack lunch for their kids.

This diagram speaks for itself. It shows, indeed, that among this sample of +130 snack ideas for kids, together, fruits, grains, and dairy products represent 75% of the food items packed by the Teuko Families for their kids’ snacks. If we add the Vegetables, we reach 87%!

… Fruits for the Sweetness and Vitamins

A little bit more than a third of the total food items included in the children’s snacks (36.4% actually) are fruits. The most beloved fruits are apples, grapes, and blueberries (with almost 40% in the fruits category), followed tightly by strawberries, clementines, and bananas (+25% in the fruits category for these three fruits). Summer fruits like watermelon, cherries, cantaloupe were among the top 10 but less present. Exotic fruits such as physalis and dragon fruit brought a little something special but were clearly in minority in the fruits category.

Kids snack box idea with apple slices and sandwiches
One apple a day keeps the doctor away! This kid’s snack box packed by Bentofor_Orion has some apple slices with cool froggy lil’ sandwiches
Packed with love by Thelunchmomma, this kids snack box has grapes, strawberries, orange, apple, and dried apricots. Yum!

… Grains for the Crunchiness and the Fuel

The second food group the most packed in a kid’s snack box: Grains.
Bread is the very first food item in this category, with one quarter of the total of the snack boxes using this ingredient for making a sandwich, combined with cream cheese for instance.
In second place, we found granola bars. As a no-prep, easy-to-place-in-the-lunch-bag food item, and marketed as healthy, no wonder that moms and dads like to add granola bars in their kids’ snack menus! Then we find popcorn. Most of the time considered as a treat, it may be an actually very healthy snack – just pay attention there is not too much salt, sugar, or caramel added to it!

French toast with apple and cookies in a kids snack box.
A crispy French toast with some apple and chocolate cookies anyone? A snack box idea by ViviaZoe_ on
Ham sandwiches with fruits and veggies for a kids snack box.
Ham Sandwich Buddies prepared by Metchosinmomsmenu for her kid’s snack box, with tons of fruits and veggies on the side

… and Dairy for Staying Strong

Almost half of the snack boxes containing dairy products had yogurt: with fruity flavors, with honey, or plain with fruits, it seems it’s a hit! Then, guess what dairy products would be in second and third place, considering that grains, such as bread, is often packed in a kids’ snack? Cheese! More particularly cream cheese and cheddar cheese! Milk has been packed too, but, see, surprisingly, it’s not the most beloved dairy product. What do you think, will milk make a comeback later?

blueberry yogurt with real blueberries. snack idea for kids.
Blueberry yogurt with the addition of real yummy blueberries! A simple and very cool snack idea for kids shared by The Pinwheelers.
open cream cheese sandwich. kids snack ideas. Teuko lunchbox community.
An open cream cheese sandwich created by Silkes – with the bell peppers face and the green brown and red fruits, that’s yummy edible art!

Wait! What about the other food groups?

Sometimes seen in the snack boxes, proteins and veggies remain actually largely associated with the lunch. Teuko Families who place veggies in their kids’ snack boxes like adding cucumbers, surely for the freshness and the crunchiness this veggie adds to the snack. Other crunchy veggies such as carrots and bell peppers are a hit. Then, other beloved veggies are tomatoes, snap peas, avocado, and salad. Find out about all the creative ways to introduce a vegetable in your kid’s lunchboxes in this article.

Skewer with cucumber and red cheery tomatoes in a kids snack box. Teuko lunchbox community.
Cucumber slices associated with red cherry tomatoes on a small skewer was part of this kid’s snack box prepared by Lunches_by_lindsay.
snack box idea for kids with baby carrots, corn bread, strawberries, yogurt, and banana chips. Teuko lunchbox community.
Baby carrots are included in this kids snack box, with corn bread, yogurt, banana, and strawberries. Thanks Kidveggiemeals for the idea!

Vegetal proteins take the first places with hummus and peanut butter. Then some families preferred to pack ham, salami, or beef sausages. Hard boiled on the side, or scrambled in a sandwich, eggs are the last foods in the proteins category that are packed in our kids’ snack boxes.

Kids snack idea with hummus, bell peppers, cookies, and dragon fruit. Teuko lunchbox community.
Hummus, bell pepper slices, cookies, and dragon fruit are packed by Myrahsbentobox for her kid’s snack at school.
A preK snack box with tortilla wraps. Teuko Lunchbox Community.
A preK snack box shared by mheow_04 on Teuko. These beautiful wraps have ham, salad, and cheese. A yummy cookie on the side.

Last but not least, what drink is provided to children for snack time?

Most of the time families don’t tag the drink their kids have for snack time or lunch time. When we interviewed parents and asked them about it, the common answer we received is that, as simply as this, their kids have a water bottle filled with water! And while looking at the sample of snack boxes for sharing with you these exclusive insights, we confirm that 95% of the time kids may drink water! The other drinks provided for snack time are juices, such as apple juices or berry juice.

Most of the times families pack water with their kid’s snack boxes or their kids’ lunch boxes. Here a bottle of water flavored with fruity savors.
Pancakes and apple juice in this kids snack box.
Apple juice in this snack box prepared by Lunchboxmomsg. We love the cute and yummy pancakes too! A kid’s delight!

Healthy Snacks One Box at a Time

It seems that, for the majority of the Teuko Families, the perfect combo for their kids’ snack is the association of a fruit, some grains, and a dairy product. Also, we noticed that, among this sample of snack boxes, only 2.1% of the food items were considered as Sugar, with a few candies, marshmallow, and chocolate spread… which is very little! With almost half of the kids’ snack boxes containing fruits and veggies, it shows how health-conscious the Teuko Families are and we applaud them for sharing with us, one snack box at a time, these very healthy snack options!

Are you looking for snack ideas? Discover all the kids’ snack ideas of the Community on and show us what you do by uploading a photo (don’t forget the Theme tag “Snack” 😉 )! If you have any hack or want to be featured in our blog, reach out to our team!

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