How to Bring Christmas Happiness in Your Kid’s Lunchbox

Children may not say it and they are amazingly resilient, but 2020 has been a difficult year for them too. Why not turning our lunch boxes into an advent calendar and bring Christmas happiness during lunchtime? Here are some lunchbox ideas that will transport children to Christmas wonderland.

Idea 1 – The easiest way is a letter from Santa Claus and lunchbox notes from the Elves

Every December an envelope bearing a stamp from the North Pole would arrive for the children of J.R.R. Tolkien, the famous author of the Lord of the Rings. Inside would be a letter in a strange, spidery handwriting and a beautiful colored drawing or painting. The letters were from Father Christmas and they were sharing wonderful tales of life in the North Pole.

Letters from Father Christmas by J.R.R. Tolkien.

It is so cool getting personalized letters from Santa, don’t you think? So why not start this month of December the same way, including a letter from Santa, in the first lunchbox of this magical month, on December 1st? If you don’t have time, can come to the rescue and help you get beautiful personalized letters (and 10% of all profits from goes to Toys for Tots!). Then insert a Christmas lunchbox note in your kid’s lunch box that will surely bring joy at lunchtime!

A personalized letter from Santa from Holiday season. Christmas happiness for kids.
A personalized letter from Santa from
Christmas lunchbox notes for kids.
Cute Christmas lunchbox notes, as if Santa’s Elves would bring Holiday cheers every day at lunchtime! 😉

Idea 2 – Make a Christmas Themed Lunch

Over the years, families shared on fantastic Holiday lunchbox ideas… Let’s discover some of them and let’s bring Christmas wonderland in your kid’s lunchbox!

Idea 3 – Toys will always maximize the Christmas magic for kids

What would be The Nutcracker, a Holiday classic, without toys? This is, indeed, exactly how the story starts: Uncle Drosselmeyer, a talented toymaker, entertains the guests of Clara’s family with toys and dolls, and Clara receives the Nutcracker!

By including lunches with the theme of toys during December, it could be like opening a Christmas present at lunchtime for your child! Discover a few lunch ideas with this kid-friendly theme that our Teuko community shared and are easy to prep. Click on the images and links for more ideas or details about the ingredients!

Car-themed lunch boxes have great success among children, boys and girls! Teuko kids lunchbox ideas by lunchbox community.
Cars, a toy loved by boys and girls, in different shapes and colors! With cookie or sandwich cutters, egg mold, or just with food picks or the lunchbox itself, car-themed lunch boxes have great success among children!
Princesses bring magic in a kid's lunchbox. Teuko online community for lunchbox packers.
From fairy tales or from cartoons, princesses bring a tiny bit of magic in a lunchbox!
Unicorns. Magic world. Magic creature. Kids lunchbox ideas by Teuko families.
Make your child’s dream come true by adding unicorns in the lunchbox!
Dinosaurs in sandwiches, pizzas, pancakes, rice, or nuggets. Teuko kids' lunchbox ideas.
Dinosaurs in sandwiches, pizzas, pancakes, rice, or nuggets, will surely bring a smile on your child’s face!

Show us your kids’ favorite lunchbox ideas by sharing a photo with our community! Get more inspiration from around the world by exploring Teuko or by filtering all the lunches with the ingredients that best fit your kids preferences! Happy Holidays! ❤

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