5 Kids Lunchbox Ideas Inspired By The Indian Cuisine

One lunchbox at a time, with Teuko, your kids will become more and more adventurous and they’ll be open to try new foods and new cuisines! Ready to get started? Today we take you to India: see what kid-friendly food the Indian cuisine can bring to your lunchbox!

Lentil Pancakes, so kid-friendly!

Nisha prepared Moong Lentils Pancakes for her son. Teuko’s co-founder Jessica, a French mom in the U.S.A, followed a recipe by Chetna Makan, contestant on Britain’s biggest baking show “The Great British Bake Off”. No doubt their kids enjoy their meals!

Masala Dosa, the Indian Crepe

Masala dosa is a crisp and savory crepe, pretty easy to make at home! The only thing is that you must prepare the batter the night before to let it fermented. But your kid will love it!

Chicken Biryani, a savory fried rice

Chicken Biryani is an authentic and yummy dish you can’t miss! Make it for dinner and keep some leftovers for your kid’s lunchbox. Don’t make it too spicy if your child is not used to spices, and little by little, you may prepare a complete original recipe!

Indian Chicken Curry

Let your kid have the fun to mix the chicken curry with the white rice and discover new wonderful tastes of India! Again, do not put too much spices at the beginning, and increase the quantity little by little! 😉

Paratha, the Indian Flat Bread

Cook this delicious flat bread, paratha (or replace by naan, another Indian flat bread that you can more easily find at the supermarket), simply as a side, or for filling it like a burrito. No doubt the next lunchbox you’ll pack for your kid will have a huge success!

Are you ready to try packing lunch boxes for your kids with Indian cuisine? Show us what are your kids favorite by sharing a photo with our community. Get more inspiration from around the world by exploring Teuko or by filtering all the lunches with the ingredients that best fit your kids preferences!

Disclaimer – This blog post has affiliate links and sponsored content. We may get a small share from the revenues. Helping other brands spread the word about their product, especially when we tried and liked it, is a way to maintain Teuko.com free of use. Any questions? Contact us at contact@teuko.com


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